LED Content Launch

The Mall at Millenia

Travel to the Mall at Millenia in Orlando, Florida and immerse yourself in the Grand Court’s unique, 12-screen LED display. Cybis was chosen to design content for the screens with the challenge of creating a unique 360 degree experience for mall goers. You will see everything from high fashion and luxury, to sports and fantasy.

Follow liquid gold and silver as they collide across the screens; play along as kids enjoy a game of hide and seek; relive your favorite beach memories; sail across the oceans; be astonished by the fire breathers; become part of a seductive date night; come face to face with the underwater goddess; watch models strut their stuff on the runway as watercolors erupt around them; and experience the floor beneath your feet come alive all around you with zodiac.


So take a break from your shopping, take a seat in the Grand Court, and let Cybis feed your imagination. The visuals will surely grab your attention and with over 60+ minutes of original content, plan to stay awhile.

Cybis Press Release