Annual Insights and Marketing Luncheon

Visit Orlando

As all of the big names and leaders of Orlando’s travel and tourism industry accepted their invitations to the prestigious Insights and Marketing Luncheon, hosted annually by Visit Orlando, Team Cybis’ wheels were spinning. We were collaborating on the perfect way to energize a group that was so close to our home and hearts.

Cybis pitched the theme Connect360, and presented it alongside a glowing circle identity that perfectly exemplified Visit Orlando’s mission. The dynamic approach symbolized the importance of these countless leaders coming together and connecting as one, and the unique stage design brought this brand to life.

The circular designs came to life in a four dimensional manner with the help of a stellar lighting display that made them appear as if they were floating in the middle of the stage. Coupled with the seamless video graphic content Cybis provided, Connect360 was a sleek and smooth theme that left the audience feeling unified.