State Leadership Meeting

Georgia FCCLA

Cybis teamed up with TRI Leadership Resources for Georgia FCCLA’s 2013 State Leadership Meeting – bringing comic book style to the “Saving the World… One Leader at a Time!” identity. Inspired by the pages out of “The Amazing Spiderman,” our creative media team brought to life a mighty and POW!-erful look for the logo.

Larger than life 3D halftone-textured panels, towering 16 feet in the air, created an epic backdrop for the scene. And what superhero lair would be complete without a dramatic entrance? In the center of the stage stood a sliding door, revealing the true heroes behind the event – Georgia FCCLA’s members.

“The team was proud to know that we had introduced the first sliding door entrance at a Cybis event! It was impressive to see the door slide open for the first time to reveal the officers in their sharp, red blazers as they stepped into the spotlight – sometimes striking a superhero pose or two!” -Danny Spors, Associate Producer