Organization Rebrand

Nevada DECA

After experiencing unprecedented growth and success throughout the past few years, there was no better time for Nevada DECA to launch their new motto, “Inspire. Lead. Achieve!” So when Cybis was presented with the opportunity of rebranding their entire identity, we knew it was a chance to highlight both the brilliant DECA mission and the natural beauty of the western mountain state.

We were challenged to create a new image that captured the unique spirit of Nevada, while showcasing DECA in a triumphant, positive way.
-Creative Director, Clayton Carter

So, that’s what we did. To breathe a new lease of life into Nevada DECA, we took the crispness of the National DECA brand and gave it a modern twist to appeal to a generation of young leaders.

Nevada, a land vastly covered with endless desert beauty, is filled with colors and hues that provided the perfect palette for designing an identity. The silvery silhouettes of DECA students represent both the joy of belonging to such a prestigious organization as well as the state’s nickname ‘The Silver State’. A burnt orange that can only be found beneath a burning desert sun, a bright background used to represent DECA and the texture of a rough western terrain came together to create an eye-catching design that fulfilled the client’s vision for re-launch.