State Leadership Conference

Missouri FBLA

Travel back in time to 1926, as we road trip to Springfield, Missouri – birthplace of Route 66. Alive with gleaming red arrows adorning mom-and-pop diners and with traces of the Mother Road still visible in downtown Springfield today — this was the inspiration behind our identity. With all this in mind, we stepped it up and custom built our own road sign to quite literally bring our logo to life on the stage!

The vibrant red arrow has the classic large bulbs and with neon lights all around the logo, it really gives the sign some flash, evoking excitement and energy! To complete this road trip, we added some mile markers, and of course had to have the Route 66 sign incorporated.   Oh, and the big arc across the stage? We thought we’d bring more of Missouri’s landmarks to the stage. Ready for your next road trip? We can bring it all to one place!