Organization Rebrand: Future Health Professionals

National HOSA

National HOSA, a leadership development program exclusive to students enrolled in health care programs, was founded in 1976 and has been steadily expanding ever since. After experimenting unsuccessfully with other design companies for over two years, HOSA came to Cybis ready for a change. HOSA was eager for a fresh, modern identity, but one that would stay true to its history. Working alongside an organization with a rich heritage and open to creative possibilities was an exciting opportunity for Cybis to collaborate, strategize and impress.

The easily recognizable enclosed triangle insignia used by HOSA dated back to the group’s origin, so Cybis knew the pressure was on to create something that was still recognizable, but in a new and exciting way.

After careful thought and bold decision-making, Cybis designed a natural evolution of HOSA’s preceding brand, incorporating a simplified version of the traditional emblem into a crisp new color palette. The fresh new look was compiled using modernized type and color that couldn’t be found in the original 1976 design. The triangular emblem is still the focal point of the design, representing the three aspects of humankind’s well-being, but it was now paired with a new tagline and inventive identity.

“Cybis was able to bring a great deal of value that other national companies do not take the time to consider. When Cybis knows their client, they become personally invested.”

-Jeff Koeninger, National HOSA Director of Membership


Instead of neglecting the company’s heritage and tradition, Cybis honored it. And it paid off. State and local chapters, advisors, and members embraced the changes with renewed enthusiasm for the future of their organization and health professionals. Cybis continues to support HOSA through annual marketing materials, creative identities, branding solutions and live show productions by continually meeting HOSA’s standard for quality and innovation.