DECA Western Region Leadership Conference

California DECA

The most powerful design is often made up of unpredictable dichotomies: surprising and comforting, engaging and distracting. When we set out to design the DECA Western Region Leadership Conference (WRLC) “GO!” identity and promo video for California DECA and TRI Leadership Resources, we knew we’d have to play on this sense of opposites for the biggest visual impact.

We paired the theme’s single-word simplicity with the exact opposite – complexity.

California DECA is a modern, design-forward organization. When it was time to brand the WRLC, we wanted to represent individuality amongst members, yet convey the power of DECA students working together toward a common goal.-Clayton Carter, Cybis Creative Director

Inspired by the destination feel of the Anaheim event and DECA’s spirited community members, we framed up a logo that celebrates collaborative diversity with fresh, sunny California-themed branding. the result is nothing short of fun-in-the-sun. So get ready to GO full speed, GO forward, and GO wild with our bold new design for GO! The DECA Western Region Leadership Conference!