Membership Promotional Video


For years, Cybis has partnered with National DECA – a global organization preparing students for careers in entrepreneurship and marketing – to design and produce its annual membership recruitment video. In the past, we’ve crafted sleek, glossy, highly polished videos; blending great videography, dynamic broadcast graphics and real interviews with actual student members to match DECA’s crisp brand image and tell the DECA story.

It was time to shake things up. We needed to break the mold and create something the student leadership industry hadn’t done before. Inspired by the Google Glass craze of 2013, we imagined a Glass-style, first person perspective video shot entirely by students. Like never before, prospective members would see DECA through the eyes of real members: networking, preparing for competition, shaking hands, winning awards and giving epic high-fives.

Shot on location at a huge DECA chapter just outside of Atlanta, Georgia and at the 2013 DECA International Career Development Conference in Anaheim, California, our team strapped cameras onto real DECA members’ heads for an eye-level perspective of the DECA experience.  With light graphics, a perfect soundtrack and the voices of members to guide viewers through the narrative, the promo quickly became the most viewed DECA promo in its history.

OK, Glass: Top that.

My words can’t do justice for Cybis’ performance – you just have to watch it! The bottom line is that Cybis delivers. Flawlessly. -Chris Young, National DECA High School Division Director