Annual Branding

Washington DECA

A modern and edgy lightning bolt, representing the spark, is the centerpiece of this identity. Sparking a newfound sense of leadership or maybe even a new career path, the logo for Washington DECA is an embodiment of the energy of its audience.

Our first approach was to come up with a symbol. An elegant lightning bolt did just the trick. We then filled it with orange, red, and yellow shaded triangles which help give it a texture that isn’t overbearing but more intriguing to the eye. The bolt is bold and could stand on its own. However, it’s accompanied by a more sleek version of the word spark. Inside, it contains a very similar triangular pattern and we see a few triangles floating between the letters just for a bit of an abstract detail. A few flares rest near the edges of the letters to really make it come alive and give it an electric look. It’s featured on a stark white background that really makes the logo pop.