"What is 'Total Show Management'?"

Cybis Communications
July 2019

Have you ever tried planning a live event and experienced the hassle of contacting one company for sound/lighting, another for graphics, another for videography, another for scripting or stage management, and so on until you feel like you need to quit your day job just to manage managing the event? Cybis’ Total Show Management allows you to keep your sanity and count on a stellar show. —

Cybis supports its clients in all aspects of event production. We are your single point of contact in the planning phase when it comes to coordinating with venues, understanding your needs, finding and supplying the equipment, and communicating with vendors and specialists about your project.

We are there for you in the core of the production: setting up the room, providing the tech, providing the labor, running the show, and providing the MAGIC. In fact, we hear the same thing repeated from every new client, “this is the first time I was just able to enjoy the show, network with attendees, not stress, and have total confidence in the presentations.” It’s one of the top reasons Cybis retains clients indefinitely; customers can never imagine going back to the old way of stressing out!!! This is what makes Cybis “Total Show Management” stand out from our friendly competition — you have questions; CYBIS provides solutions!

In the post-production phase, Cybis succeeds in providing video recaps of the event, custom USB archives with footage of the show, and taking care of any remaining items related to achieving your vision for the project.

Our team is committed to providing full-service support; we don’t have any salespeople, period. When you work with Team Cybis, you’re working directly with the Producer and our core team with our 24/7 cell phones. We are all fully engrossed in the project from start to finish!

If you have a live event coming up, please contact us right away so we can start the conversation. I want to help deliver the absolute best production possible and you’ll be surprised how fun and easy it can be after the first call! So don’t quit your day job; call me!

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