"What are the highs and lows of live show productions?"

Cybis Communications

Frequencies! A successful event requires a superb sound system to effectively amplify the high, mid, and low frequencies to your audience. —

Having the best sound system for your event is essential to captivate and engage the audience. Everyone in a large room should feel connected whether they are in the front row or the nosebleed seats. With the proper audio equipment, arrangement, and an ace Audio Engineer, you can reach every person with high fidelity.

This year, Cybis is proud to debut the newest addition to our inventory – RCF line array speakers. These powerful, yet compact, speakers are designed for the greatest voice clarity and aural experience for 100 to 10,000 people.

Our scalable audio package provides crystal clear, high-quality sound so your presenters can be heard from every inch of the room. Our gear is also exceptional for music because it’s driven by our 32-channel Yamaha digital mixer, which handles all audio processing and routing. It provides superior sound that we can direct to our various RCF Line Array Speakers and Subwoofer options. These speakers can be hung from the ceiling when rigging is available or stacked upon one another on the floor or stage risers. Our line arrays are designed with built-in amplifiers, so we don’t have to worry about extra bulky power equipment that takes up unnecessary floor space and expensive setup time.

With these features, our audio equipment can be completely catered to the needs of your event – they are compact, convenient and completely versatile. And don’t forget the A1 (Audio Engineer) – the right man (or woman) behind the audio console is the final key ingredient to ensuring the system is properly EQ’d, delay signals are properly timed, and feedback is effectively eliminated.

Since we’ve rolled out our new audio system, we’ve heard from so many of our clients and attendees. They are complimenting the superior sound we have brought to their events. This is exciting news as our commitment to audio represents Cybis’ largest technology investment in the company’s history! Give us a call today to learn about all of our audio options. We want to deliver the absolute best production possible. Cybis promises to give you sound advice to make your events sound great!

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