"How can I host an event for my organization during the pandemic?"

Cybis Communications

Many event planners are now exploring virtual options because of COVID’s effect on social gatherings. Cybis is adding our extra touch of professional production knowledge to make virtual events engaging and special for online audiences. —

While it’s not our normal market, the live event industry has largely gone virtual and caused many companies to adapt and follow suit. Our team has banded together for an approach to virtual live events that we are very proud of.

There are many options for virtual events – what is right for you and your organization should depend on your budget and the type of experience you want to offer your audience.

Pre-recorded, live-streamed events:
First, we provide technical specifications, host Zoom practice sessions, and conduct “rehearsals” with talent and speakers. Then, Cybis will receive videos, announcements, and elements submitted by leaders of your organization and edit them together to create a virtual session experience. We add motion graphics and engaging music soundtracks under presenters and in-between segments to keep the energy alive. Once the session is fully edited to your satisfaction, we can set up the recording to stream live on the date and time of your choice!
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Pre-recorded, pre-produced, live-streamed events:
We will travel to a venue of your choice, or help in your search for one, and build a completely custom set to shoot your event. Our team of video directors, lighting technicians, audio engineers, and production assistants will create an entirely pre-produced event for you, pre-recorded and edited to perfection. Then we will stream the event live on the date and time of your choice!

Live, produced virtual events:
Our team will provide our full package of production elements as described above; with optional stage management, script development, and a full suite of custom motion graphics. After a hearty amount of rehearsals, our team will execute an exciting, truly live broadcast to your online audience!

While we can’t wait to get back to doing live events with audiences in the hundreds to the tens of thousands, we are excited to serve our virtual clients in the coming months for these special times. If you are looking to make your live event virtual, please contact me right away so we can start the conversation. I want to help deliver the absolute best production possible and help you make the right decisions for your audience and organization!

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