“Does Cybis own the equipment at its events?”

Cybis Productions

I’m asked this all the time.  Folks see Team Cybis directing the show, coaching VIP, revising scripts, and manipulating motion graphics, and they’re often shocked to hear — “YES, Cybis Productions also owns this gear!”  As a total show company…

…we continue to make major investments in the latest audio/visual equipment. And we provide the maximum benefit to our clients by serving as PRODUCER and AV RENTAL company.

Earlier this month, we sent two truckloads full of Cybis gear to Visit Orlando’s Year-End Celebration. And I strongly believe this AV gear was simply our large toolbag handled by our experienced professional show operators.

If you’re choosing a production company simply by their toolbag, it’s time to rethink!

Okay I confess, like even the largest global event companies, Cybis does occasionally cross-rent some gear. Sometimes this is influenced by georgraphy, peak event season, or trade agreements with other AV suppliers. And again, what matters is most is who is at the helm!

Compared to a regular AV rental company, Cybis is proud to be a show production company that owns gear. We’re committed to our clients’ needs and the success of their event, and we have the equipment that allows us to execute it in the best way possible. Because we care about putting on a great show, we focus on owning the high-quality equipment to facilitate doing so. Our team wants the best gear to work with and our clients want the best gear to support their production.

In fact, in 2022, we have invested more into our expanding inventory than any previous year in Cybis’ history!

And for our colleagues in the industry… Yes, Cybis offers dry-rentals in Orlando! Let’s partner!

Jeff Douglass
Founder & Executive Producer

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