"Where does the name CYBIS COMMUNICATIONS come from?"

Cybis Communications

I didn’t have a crystal ball when starting Cybis Communications in ’95 but it might seem like the future was predestined.

The name CYBIS originated from an exquisite ballroom in Ft. Lauderdale in the 70’s, called “The Cybis Room.” People visited The Cybis Room, with its multi-million dollar display of art and antiques, from all over the world. So do you think it’s a coincidence that, today, Team CYBIS spends so much time producing exquisite shows in ballrooms?

I added “COMMUNICATIONS” as a broad grasp at what I enjoyed – inspiring people through design/technology.

But this is a new day, we have evolved, and it’s time to better communicate what CYBIS really does. And let’s face it, I’m tired of folks thinking we sell phone services. We’re dropping “Communications” and need your help! Shall we become Cybis Productions, Cybis Live Events, Cybis Audio/Visual, or Cybis ________?
Please help us with this 1-MINUTE SURVEY.

Thank you!

Jeff Douglass
Founder & Executive Producer

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