“How do you bring precision to executing a live Cybis show?”

Cybis Communications

Inspired by broadcast awards shows that we’ve had the privilege of supporting (MTV Movie Awards), Team Cybis developed our innovative cloud-based block-format production cue script. Our goal was to ensure all parties had access to the latest real-time spoken word and audio / video / grafx / lighting cues and they would evolve together from first draft until showtime!

Our scripting approach easily outshines the old-school free-flowing Word doc with endless page numbers. Cybis scripts are notoriously organized by block name and number. A “block” is essentially one segment owned by one speaker. Numbered blocks and titles summarizing content allow our team to break the script down into bite-sized, easily identifiable pieces. Each block has its own sound, lighting look, set of graphics, choreography notes, and spoken word, to support the presenter on-stage. Blocks can be reorganized without disrupting the music or graphics cues they are associated with. This strategy makes it significantly more efficient for our production team to follow along, focus on transitions, and plan for what’s coming up next.

A Cybis script designates columns for audio cues, lighting cues, and graphics cues; all aligned with the perfect moments in the spoken-word portion of the script. Now we can execute these cues synchronously with the presentations on the stage.

What makes Cybis events stand out is our simultaneous execution of elements all at once to make a moment. The speaker on-stage announces a big win, music crescendos, gorgeous graphics animate on-screen, streamers blast out from the stage, lighting effects punctuate the atmosphere, and the crowd goes wild! How does all of that happen at the same time? Not luck… it is the result of a highly refined script with detailed notes in-line with every moment of the show…. executed with precision.

We are very proud of our script format and although I’d love to call it proprietary, we know many of our clients embrace it for their other smaller presentations throughout the year. Imitation is the best form of flattery.   : )

In addition to bringing an expert team and the latest gear, allow Cybis to introduce our innovative scripting strategy to your next show!

Jeff Douglass
Founder & Executive Producer

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