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Cybis Communications is a media productions company based in Orlando, Florida. We are offering the Cybis Production Internship as an opportunity for student members to participate in the many aspects of live event production. In cooperation with each leadership organization, Cybis will produce the general sessions at each conference. We will create everything from the audio and video elements to the stage and lighting design. The student selected for the Cybis Production Internship will have the opportunity to use his or her skills to help produce a powerful live event and benefit from hands-on experience.

The Cybis team creates many of the production elements prior to our events, including development of the conference identity (conference logo, motion graphics, etc.), coordination of guest speakers and VIPs, and scriptwriting. However, there still remains much to be done on-site. The Cybis Production Intern will work alongside our team for setup, rehearsals, and shows. He or she will learn how to build the production environment and support the technical elements of a live show.

The student should be interested in media productions and possess skills in one or more of the following areas:
Live Event Production, Lighting & Stage Design, Stage Direction, Technical Direction, Motion Graphics Design, Nonlinear Editing, Studio Cameras, Audio Production, Event Planning & Marketing

The Cybis Production Internship begins with the setup for the event and continues through the evening of the closing session. It is the member's responsibility to arrange transportation and lodging with his or her adviser. Applications will be based on production experience, leadership organization experience, career goals, and references. Please refer to the chart below for important dates.

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Conference Internship Dates Application Deadline
GA DECA 2022 FLDC   Oct. 20 - 21   Oct. 7
GA HOSA 2022 FLC   Nov. 5 - 8   Oct. 10
WA DECA 2022 FLC   Nov. 6 - 7   Oct. 10
GA DECA 2023 SCDC   Jan. 25 - 28   Dec. 20
FL DECA 2023 SCDC   Mar. 2 - 5   Feb. 1
WA DECA 2023 SCDC   Mar. 1 - 4   Feb. 1
GA HOSA 2023 SLC   Mar. 1 - 4   Feb. 1
GA FBLA 2023 SLC   Mar. 9 - 11   Feb. 10
FL FBLA 2023 SLC   Mar. 23 - 26   Feb. 15
GA FCCLA 2023 SLC   Mar. 22 - 25   Feb. 15
AR FBLA 2023 SLC   Apr. 3 - 5   Mar. 1
MO FBLA 2023 SLC   Apr. 15 - 18   Mar. 15
PA FBLA 2023 SLC   Apr. 16 - 18   Feb. 10
Collegiate DECA 2023 ICDC   Apr. 14 - 18   Mar. 10
BPA 2023 NLC   Apr. 25 - 29   Mar. 20
HOSA 2023 ILC   June 19 - 24   May 10