Projection Mapping

It takes something new and fresh to capture your audience's attention. In order to separate from the crowd, traditional visuals may no longer be enough. This is where Cybis can step in to provide unique and creative presentations in the form of "Projection Mapping" by turning any surface into a dynamic video display. Whether it’s a cube, a sphere, the side of a building, or even an ergonomically shaped car, Cybis utilizes cutting edge technology to bring a normal stationary object to life.

Projection Mapping leaves audiences in awe and presents information in a completely original way. It's a current and advancing technology that can give your company, or event, the cutting edge over the competition. Our Scenic & Stage division works in tandem with Cybis Event Technology and Cybis Creative to plan, design, and execute the most futuristic of presentations. With Cybis, all of your work is done by our own talented team, from projection technology to content creation. Cybis can project onto existing structures or construct customizable set pieces in any shape or size.

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