Corporate Theater

Through an impactful visual comes a focal point of energy and excitement, oftentimes stemming from a vivid theatrical design. Our team of designers can create a custom background fit for any on-stage event. We work to create consistently themed scenic elements that establish a rich, elaborate, and multidimensional design that is sure to set your organization apart.

The atmosphere of your show is produced through a creative combination of lights, colors, technological elements, and raw materials. Our talented team of graphic designers, carpenters, lighting technicians, and artistic directors come together to build a stage set that enhances the key message.

This Cybis difference can be seen in our attention to branding consistency. No matter the theme, Cybis Scenic & Stage will bring to life the written message with elaborate visuals. Our corporate theater development goes far beyond just making things pretty. We think about how your entrances and exits can enhance the presentation and how to make the production interactive with on-stage props. We think through each specific lighting and camera angle to make certain elements "pop"... all in an effort to ensure that the scenic design enhances and does not distract from the purpose of the show.

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