Hilton Hospitality

Cybis recently produced video content for a global corporate meeting held by well-known brand, Hilton, which hosted their Marketing Summit in Denver, CO. International members of Hilton’s Marketing Team gathered for an interactive and engaging experience designed to make attendees feel motivated, connected, and inspired.

While the summit was intended to demonstrate the role that marketing plays in moving Hilton forward, Cybis was hired to execute the creative side of the message’s delivery. In the form of a newscast, Hilton hoped to relay some of their points in pre-produced news material that would tie in to the live “news-desk” presentations at the event.

As the Team came up with a series of pre-recorded segments to intertwine with the live production, Cybis was off to shoot D.C.-based interviews with Hilton executives. An action-packed trip full of growth stories, marketing tactics, catering contributions, and value propositions within the Hilton portfolio gave Cybis a plethora of quality content to work with. Simultaneously, other members of the Team produced a professional broadcast-quality animated news opener and ending segment for the newscast. With the swift and skillful development of these videos, The Hilton News Network—later adapted to be Hilton News Today—had finally come to fruition.

We are pleased to have maintained our standard of success in our new partnership with Hilton. Once again, Cybis proved our ability to excel at going above and beyond for our clients with polished corporate communication, exciting creativity, and ambitious enthusiasm to make our productions the best they can be.

Epic Promo Video

The DECA experience is unique – it’s big, it’s bold, it’s unforgettable, it’s epic. This year’s membership promo video celebrates DECA’s members who create memories that will last forever, make friends they’ll know for years and go to educational conferences they’ll wish never ended.

We put together a compelling video that combines the excitement of being in DECA with the real-life opportunities it presents to students.-Austin Rieker, Cybis Motion Graphics Designer

But don’t take it from us… See what DECA members had to say:

Just watched the Be Epic Membership Video! LEFT ME SPEECHLESS!!! #BEDECAEPIC‏-Cindy K., Nevada DECA

That is everything I’ve ever wanted in a membership video, and more. #beDECAepic‏-Merissa M, Washington DECA

You can’t look at this and not want to join DECA!‏-Gabe G., Georgia DECA

The 2015-2016 DECA membership video is here and it’s definitely…EPIC! #beDECAepic-DECA, Inc.

The Perfect Tree

Nothing brings families together like the time honored tradition of searching out the yearly Christmas tree. Not any Christmas tree will do, however. We join one such family in their quest to find The Perfect Tree. Each family member has a different idea of what makes a tree “perfect” however mom has the final say. We track the family’s adventure through the forest as they go from fir to fir and, just as the day is drawing to an end, a magical moment occurs. Cybis was on site to film the family’s journey through the woods, using camera rigs, tracking, and even a drone shot of the magical landscape to convey our tale. This LED video for the Mall at Millenia’s Grand Court envelopes the magical wonder of the Holiday Season, and wraps everyone in the warm sentiment of what Christmas is truly about.

Past, Present, Future

For 50 years Business Professionals of America has been preparing today’s students to become tomorrow’s business professionals. Every hour; every minute; every second advancing members closer to the next National Leadership Conference.

Merging the past, present and future, this promo video infuses the commemorative spirit of the 50th anniversary with the celebration of looking toward the future.

This is Business Professionals of America. This is the 50th anniversary. THIS IS OUR TIME!

Mall at Millenia Experience Video

The Mall at Millenia is an international shopping destination for High end Fashion and is a shopping experience like no other. Cybis highlighted this diversity by creating a promotional video with 4 different language versions. The video is in English, Spanish, Portuguese, and Mandarin Chinese. We take a visual tour around the Mall and its many prestigious amenities, highlighting fashion and dining options.

View the Spanish version HERE

View the Portuguese version HERE

View the Mandarin Chinese version HERE

The Mall At Millenia International Campaign

The Mall at Millenia calls Orlando home, but attracts visitors from all across the globe. We shot an exclusive promotional campaign for one of the top 10 malls in the world; showcasing its world-class luxury and proving that it’s a shopping destination for audiences both domestic and abroad. We produced five 30 second and 2 minute commercials targeting audiences in Brazil, the U.K., China, Latin America, and of course, the U.S.

The Mall at Millenia isn’t just known for their lineup of world-renowned luxury brands, but for their exceptional customer amenities as well. When we took this on, our Director/Creative Producer was thrilled!

I really connected with this project because fashion is important to me. The Mall at Millenia is like the Rodeo Drive of Orlando, and that’s why I shop there. When I found out we would get to create a spot that reflected the fashion and experience the Mall at Millenia provides, I knew we would produce something really cool.
-Sean O’Hara, Director/Creative Producer

We wanted to focus on the everyday aspects of the Mall, and not just the tourist draws. Luckily, when you see high end brands such as Versace and Cartier, you don’t need to speak Italian or French to get the message across. Our cinematic edits lets the audience sit back and absorb the action; and then plan their next visit to sunny Orlando!

Rooftop Party

There is nothing like a rooftop party to celebrate the warm weather.The gentle breeze felt while overlooking a city skyline, the smiles of old friends as they arrive and come together. The promise of something new makes for experiences that are remembered for years to come. A DJ keeps the party alive, as the host and hostess bring out an endless assortment of cocktails and appetizers. There’s dancing, laughing, and playful flirting.

Cybis got a chance to join in on the fun; staging, filming, and editing the memories of that day for The Mall at Millenia’s video showcase. The film was adapted to a three screen format for their Grand Court display. Shoppers stopped and soaked up the extravagant lifestyle presented to them, excited by the emotions of the lavish party.

A Healthy Dose of Promotion

One student healthcare organization is leading the way to successful futures. Using the best footage captured by our videographers, our creative team prescribed a promotion video that is just what the doctor ordered.

Breaking Barriers

Go further. Go faster. Go beyond, with this promo video for FBLA-PBL’s 2011 National Leadership Conference in Orlando, Florida.

Promo Video with Impact

We took our best footage, a driving soundtrack and edgy motion graphics, then injected a dose of powerful copy to make an impact on the world’s future health professionals. Check out the promotional video for HOSA’s 2012 National Leadership Conference: Impact Your Future.