Video Editing

Setting the Stage for the Future

As Cybis began its biggest project of the season, the HOSA-Future Health Professionals geared up for their biggest event: the annual International Leadership Conference. For over a decade, Cybis has supported HOSA’s biggest event of the year, both in significance to the organization and in audience size.

Simultaneously with the development of scripts, we began “setting the stage” in late March. In a meeting of Cybis’ creative leaders, we took inspiration from the 2019 theme “Define Your Purpose” to begin preliminary stage designs. Outfitted with a “book” as the centerpiece—two projection screens adjacent to one another—the exterior pieces of the stage began to take on the characteristics of a library. We added projection pieces on each side of the “book” to be used as “shelves,” where we projected books, scientific artifacts, medical tools, and conference information. But then, we wanted to do more! We extended the design horizontally with large parallelograms; to continue to build on the book theme, we projected book spines on to them with even more event information. And to top it off, we placed a marquee above the set to anchor the design and give residence to ticker text with overarching event content.

Iteration after iteration, we began to build on our stage renders. With the help of 3D mapping and animation software, we built the stage to scale, factoring in every detail including lighting and presenters on stage. We even added our new, custom-built, digital podium into the mix. In the end, we developed a design unique to the organization, the theme, and to our team.

By late June, the stage came to life. Serving as a place not only for award winners to receive their medals, plaques, and trophies, the HOSA stage set the foundation for future health professionals to begin their journeys. Cybis continues to support student leadership groups in an effort to better the generations of the future.

Pre-Show Showcase

Cybis is committed to providing red carpet treatment to all of our clients and guests — this year we fulfilled this promise literally at the Business Professionals of America’s National Leadership Conference. Right outside the Anaheim Convention Center Arena in California, we rolled out the red carpet as 6,000 members, advisors, and guests arrived on Opening night.

Fully equipped with a plush red carpet, gold stanchions, and enthusiastic host, everyone entering the arena was greeted like a true celebrity. The entire event was webcast live for those at home to see the excitement; everyone attending or watching remotely could tweet at us, which was also broadcast live. The red carpet pre-show aired for the audience already inside the arena, creating a totally unscripted presentation of enthusiastic members stoked about BPA and the NLC. We brought the lights, cameras, AND action with interviews, shout outs, and chants from states all over the nation.

This event element was just as exciting for Team Cybis as it was the attendees. Having so much energy from so many walks of life made our 45 minutes of red carpet one for the books. Many had never been on a red carpet or been in front of the camera, so this felt like an extraordinary experience for some, including a 3-year member of BPA who elaborated on the scene:

“It’s definitely something I’ve never experienced before, so it’s nice for us small town people to get to see. It’s amazing… definitely a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for us.”

Hilton Hospitality

Cybis recently produced video content for a global corporate meeting held by well-known brand, Hilton, which hosted their Marketing Summit in Denver, CO. International members of Hilton’s Marketing Team gathered for an interactive and engaging experience designed to make attendees feel motivated, connected, and inspired.

While the summit was intended to demonstrate the role that marketing plays in moving Hilton forward, Cybis was hired to execute the creative side of the message’s delivery. In the form of a newscast, Hilton hoped to relay some of their points in pre-produced news material that would tie in to the live “news-desk” presentations at the event.

As the Team came up with a series of pre-recorded segments to intertwine with the live production, Cybis was off to shoot D.C.-based interviews with Hilton executives. An action-packed trip full of growth stories, marketing tactics, catering contributions, and value propositions within the Hilton portfolio gave Cybis a plethora of quality content to work with. Simultaneously, other members of the Team produced a professional broadcast-quality animated news opener and ending segment for the newscast. With the swift and skillful development of these videos, The Hilton News Network—later adapted to be Hilton News Today—had finally come to fruition.

We are pleased to have maintained our standard of success in our new partnership with Hilton. Once again, Cybis proved our ability to excel at going above and beyond for our clients with polished corporate communication, exciting creativity, and ambitious enthusiasm to make our productions the best they can be.

Tasteful Promotion

For the grand opening of their new restaurant location in Boston, Earls Kitchen + Bar needed an enticing way to showcase the new space and energetic atmosphere. Cybis has previously supported Earls in the promotion of their Mall at Millenia location in Orlando, Florida. With original footage shot by our videographers of the beautiful Florida-based restaurant, our editors put together an exciting commercial that airs in the Grand Court of the Mall.

With a proficiency in brand representation, Cybis prides itself for being on the cutting edge of the multimedia scene and strives to make an impact on audiences of all sorts. Having had such a positive experience with our earlier partnership, Earls turned to Cybis to create content for their Boston mall-facing video board. The attractive screens would lure mall customers to visit their fresh take on the dining experience.

To encompass the excellence and elegance of this new location, video editors at Cybis created four titles with a variety of panoramic shots and intimate close-ups to feature the energy at the marble-top bar, excitement of staff and patrons, the lower dining room, large chef’s table, open kitchen/bar, stunning wood work, and delicious-looking food.

With high-energy content, professional videography, and an exciting soundtrack, Cybis put together eye-catching pieces that have welcomed in customers since their introduction. With the successful and steady flow of business in the restaurant due in part to our creative team, Cybis will continue to enhance our partnership with the Earls restaurant chain and look forward to collaborating on future openings.

Your team is always top of our list for video and editing.

— Ben Turner,


Cybis ThinkBack Videos

As members come and go through their organization’s multi-day conferences, they are often so caught up in all of the activities that they seem to be over as quickly as they began, with only a blur of amazing memories. Many forget to take time to document such an important part of their journey as students and business leaders. While Cybis strives to create the best experiences possible in the present, the team also aims to capture and preserve the spirited emotions of those that attend.

By having photographers and videographers always around during workshops and presentations, our team is able to seize the happiest faces, most exciting times, and sheer authenticity of these moments. Cybis consolidates the highlights of the event into a video that allows attendees to “ThinkBack” on their experiences leading up to the conclusion of the conference.

While anticipation for the excitement of the closing session grows, the Cybis team works hard to not only put on an entertaining show but also bring all of the greatest moments together. These memories are edited into a ThinkBack video with a moving soundtrack right onsite to present for the hundreds or thousands of attendees. These videos become available online after the event to forever be a part of an organization’s successful journey to professional leadership.

Making A Moment

One of the most difficult undertakings in life is not only being able to capture a moment, but also being able to create one. With a speciality in total show management, Cybis Communications has the ability to integrate all aspects of live show production to truly make an experience memorable for its audiences around the country.

In 2016, the Business Professionals of America celebrated their 50th Anniversary since the organization’s foundation. 50 years of molding young adults into the future business professionals of the world is an accomplishment that truly deserved to be recognized. Given the fortunate opportunity, Cybis integrated pre-production, identity development, script writing, lighting, audio, stage design, and post-production to capture all that BPA has accomplished and what it genuinely means to be part of the organization. In a unique, creative, and heartfelt effort to make the conference special for everyone in attendance, Cybis was able to create a moment for the audience to celebrate the remarkable opportunities that the Business Professionals of America has granted its members and the significant impact it has made on their lives.

Aside from focusing so much of the conference theme around the importance of the anniversary, the Cybis team utilized its creative expertise by kicking off the opening session with a pinnacle celebratory moment following the parade of flags. In a short video featuring the year’s national officer team, Cybis highlighted the Business Professionals of America’s greatest values and achievements on top of an inspirational soundtrack that not only moved the audience but also amplified their anticipation. With the combination of the officer team and representatives from all the states on stage, the finale of the video, timing of the on-screen image, and explosion of streamers and music, Cybis elegantly produced an impactful moment that engaged the audience and highlighted this significant milestone in the organization’s history.


Coco Chanel

The name Coco Chanel brings to mind luxurious fashions. Diamond and crystal studded styles for the high society individual. This prestigious brand merges tradition with innovative design. Cybis got in on the glitz and glam of Chanel’s fashion shows by creating a brand video with the mission to keep it classy. High fashion runway models sport various Chanel products and bass notes bounce along with spotlights on the famous logotype.

Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton is one of the world’s leading international fashion houses of leather patterned bags and fashions. Their products are world renowned for sophistication and a legacy brand. Cybis brings the luxury in their video for the famous company. A jazzy overture pumps Parisian charm while high fashion profiles depict style through the decades. The promotional video also demonstrates the expert craftsmanship that goes into every work of art.

Epic Promo Video

The DECA experience is unique – it’s big, it’s bold, it’s unforgettable, it’s epic. This year’s membership promo video celebrates DECA’s members who create memories that will last forever, make friends they’ll know for years and go to educational conferences they’ll wish never ended.

We put together a compelling video that combines the excitement of being in DECA with the real-life opportunities it presents to students.-Austin Rieker, Cybis Motion Graphics Designer

But don’t take it from us… See what DECA members had to say:

Just watched the Be Epic Membership Video! LEFT ME SPEECHLESS!!! #BEDECAEPIC‏-Cindy K., Nevada DECA

That is everything I’ve ever wanted in a membership video, and more. #beDECAepic‏-Merissa M, Washington DECA

You can’t look at this and not want to join DECA!‏-Gabe G., Georgia DECA

The 2015-2016 DECA membership video is here and it’s definitely…EPIC! #beDECAepic-DECA, Inc.

Past, Present, Future

For 50 years Business Professionals of America has been preparing today’s students to become tomorrow’s business professionals. Every hour; every minute; every second advancing members closer to the next National Leadership Conference.

Merging the past, present and future, this promo video infuses the commemorative spirit of the 50th anniversary with the celebration of looking toward the future.

This is Business Professionals of America. This is the 50th anniversary. THIS IS OUR TIME!