Coco Chanel

The name Coco Chanel brings to mind luxurious fashions. Diamond and crystal studded styles for the high society individual. This prestigious brand merges tradition with innovative design. Cybis got in on the glitz and glam of Chanel’s fashion shows by creating a brand video with the mission to keep it classy. High fashion runway models sport various Chanel products and bass notes bounce along with spotlights on the famous logotype.

Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton is one of the world’s leading international fashion houses of leather patterned bags and fashions. Their products are world renowned for sophistication and a legacy brand. Cybis brings the luxury in their video for the famous company. A jazzy overture pumps Parisian charm while high fashion profiles depict style through the decades. The promotional video also demonstrates the expert craftsmanship that goes into every work of art.

Mall at Millenia Experience Video

The Mall at Millenia is an international shopping destination for High end Fashion and is a shopping experience like no other. Cybis highlighted this diversity by creating a promotional video with 4 different language versions. The video is in English, Spanish, Portuguese, and Mandarin Chinese. We take a visual tour around the Mall and its many prestigious amenities, highlighting fashion and dining options.

View the Spanish version HERE

View the Portuguese version HERE

View the Mandarin Chinese version HERE

The Mall At Millenia International Campaign

The Mall at Millenia calls Orlando home, but attracts visitors from all across the globe. We shot an exclusive promotional campaign for one of the top 10 malls in the world; showcasing its world-class luxury and proving that it’s a shopping destination for audiences both domestic and abroad. We produced five 30 second and 2 minute commercials targeting audiences in Brazil, the U.K., China, Latin America, and of course, the U.S.

The Mall at Millenia isn’t just known for their lineup of world-renowned luxury brands, but for their exceptional customer amenities as well. When we took this on, our Director/Creative Producer was thrilled!

I really connected with this project because fashion is important to me. The Mall at Millenia is like the Rodeo Drive of Orlando, and that’s why I shop there. When I found out we would get to create a spot that reflected the fashion and experience the Mall at Millenia provides, I knew we would produce something really cool.
-Sean O’Hara, Director/Creative Producer

We wanted to focus on the everyday aspects of the Mall, and not just the tourist draws. Luckily, when you see high end brands such as Versace and Cartier, you don’t need to speak Italian or French to get the message across. Our cinematic edits lets the audience sit back and absorb the action; and then plan their next visit to sunny Orlando!

Rooftop Party

There is nothing like a rooftop party to celebrate the warm weather.The gentle breeze felt while overlooking a city skyline, the smiles of old friends as they arrive and come together. The promise of something new makes for experiences that are remembered for years to come. A DJ keeps the party alive, as the host and hostess bring out an endless assortment of cocktails and appetizers. There’s dancing, laughing, and playful flirting.

Cybis got a chance to join in on the fun; staging, filming, and editing the memories of that day for The Mall at Millenia’s video showcase. The film was adapted to a three screen format for their Grand Court display. Shoppers stopped and soaked up the extravagant lifestyle presented to them, excited by the emotions of the lavish party.

Solar System

Playing off the sense of space and depth in the Grand Court at the world famous Mall at Millenia, we position an assortment of planets both known, and yet-to-be discovered, across the 360 degree screen display. Guests enjoy observing the gaseous, rocky, and earth-like textures of each planet as they slowly rotate around the room from screen to screen. Asteroids and comets occasionally pass by, creating excitement and intrigue for the shoppers below. The Mall at Millenia attracts shoppers from around the globe to browse their out of this world high fashion. This LED three screen exhibition of space showcases how Cybis went above and beyond to immerse viewers in an alien world.

Dancing in the Rain

A modern twist on the classic movie dance sequence starring Gene Kelly in ‘Singing in the Rain’. Imagine the style of Justin Timberlake with the dancing of Gene Kelly. This live action title follows a dancing young man named Will. As he steps outside, inspired by the classic movies’ zest for living life (no matter the circumstance) Will begins dancing towards his destination down the streets of Orlando. Splashing in the fountains, utilizing his umbrella as an accessory and raising the curious eyebrows of passerby, Will moves like Gene Kelly but also incorporates some modern moves. This pieces uses an upbeat and Broadway-inspired song to allow for the vivacious choreography of Will’s moves to come to life. It’s to remind viewers of classic dance and the youthful enjoyment of getting caught in the rain.


This LED display takes its place among the stunning visuals of one of the top malls in the world, The Mall at Millenia. Be drawn in by the mystery and fascinating form of smoke rising and dancing in seemingly impossible ways. Shot on a pearl background, we can appreciate the dynamic interactions of smoke in its environment, and watch in awe as different colored smoke blends and interacts in a fascinating visualization of turbulence. The final breath of smoke transforms into a fleeting Mall at Millenia logo. The sophistication of this deceptively simple aesthetic mirrors the simple and elegant fashions of the world famous Mall’s array of designer brands. The display is an ambience to accompany the luxury shopping taking place in the Grand Court below. The impressive visuals cause viewers to stop and appreciate the abstract movement across the 360 degree, multi-screen set up.

Writing on Glass

Hello, 你好, Hallo, Hola, Ola, ሰላም, Hej, Bonjour, Aloha,¡Hola!, Hej…

However you spell it, “Writing on Glass” is a powerful piece that connects cultures from around the world.

The abstract presentation is on display daily at one of the top 10 malls in the world.

World of Water

See the screens become a window into an underwater world. Strings of bubbles rise to the surface as oversized fantail goldfish and and eclectic assortment of other sea creatures swish from screen to screen. Joining them underwater: a siren like model, fully dressed in an extravagant couture gown her long hair and dress flowing slowly and graciously with the currents.

This undersea showcase of beauty and grace transforms the Grand Court of the world famous Mall at Millenia, displaying the aquatic ballet to thousands of international visitors every day.