Live Experience

Cybis SOARs with A/V

For a rapidly advancing business like BluJay Solutions, obtaining and maintaining customers is the key to its growth and success as a supply chain software company. To celebrate the performance of their top companies and partners, BluJay prepared to host their second annual SOAR Customer Conference in Orlando, Florida, home of Cybis Communications.

Brian Toy, BluJay’s Director of Corporate Marketing, had worked with Cybis just three years before on a very successful corporate conference at another company. After recently reconnecting, Brian informed us he was so happy with our work, he wanted Team Cybis for an upcoming BluJay production.

With a new, exciting corporate event at hand, Cybis was prepared to support all of BluJay’s audio/visual needs from equipment to creative design and all the way up to total show management. Cybis’ blend of scenic and technical professionals allowed the team to conduct effective pre-planning and have the most acute attention to every detail in production.

Using Vectorworks, a 3D software tool, Cybis was able to plan, design, construct, and preview the fully built-out ballroom and stage before arriving to the venue.

Equipped with a custom lighting package including moving lights, beam lights, and a RoadHog4 lighting console, our team created a truly unique atmosphere by illuminating the stage, room, and walls with all of the colors from the SOAR theme.

Knowing that winners were to be announced and important messages needed to be heard, Cybis’ provided the audio console, speakers, and wireless microphones that contributed to an engaging and successful audio experience.

Last but not least, we brought BluJay to the big screen with 4K projectors, 75” LED monitors, and a completely custom show graphics package with high-definition animations and personalized introductions.

As setup began, the technical side of production was underway and preparation for the show commenced. Team Cybis understands that quality comes from rehearsals. “Rehearsals, rehearsals, rehearsals” from lighting cues to speaking parts, from mic checks to graphics testing, from pre-show to outro. The solid technical execution Cybis is able to achieve is largely a result of this thorough preparedness. There is no facet of show production Cybis cannot support; and with this type of total show management, satisfaction from our clients is guaranteed.

Members of BluJay Solutions reported overjoyed reviews from customers and attendees, and are expecting increased attendance for the next customer conference. Brian Toy followed up with Cybis after the event to express his gratitude and pass along a positive message:

We’d like the same crew for next year. They were all awesome. Got compliments from the keynote speakers even that you all were some of the best production & stage crew they had ever worked with.

— Brian Toy, Director of Corporate Marketing, BluJay Solutions

HOSA ILC Stage Design

In preparation for HOSA’s International Leadership Conference―the first of its kind, including members from other countries around the world―Cybis used its 22 years of experience producing live shows to develop some of its most creative work. With an audience that required the use of two Disney resort ballrooms, Cybis needed to design two unique stages that would captivate those in each room. The team involved in the stage design process integrated some of Cybis’ most elaborate designs for the HOSA sets. Adorned with hand-made structures that shined and amazed, both stages were designed to be easily seen by over 10,000 attendees – both Cybis and HOSA’s largest audience in their decade of partnership.

Faced with such a large conference, the Cybis team was motivated to think outside the box and breathe extra creative life into the production. What the team came up with was all-encompassing―big stages with multiple screens, ballrooms full of color, lighting and construction of the stages used to create volume and depth on the set with different textures and dynamic designs―the integration of everything enveloped the action happening up front.

With the extravagant stage designs in place, it was up to the rest of the team to make everything flow together. Calculated stage choreography coupled with predetermined camera shots and dazzling graphics projected on a 60-foot LED video screen allowed us to highlight all of the important accomplishments of those dedicated to HOSA’s cause. Cybis not only wanted to celebrate HOSA’s 40th International Leadership Conference, but to also emphasize in a big way the critical need of health professionals in our society.

In order to convey the important message of this huge organization, the Cybis team came up with a purpose-driven video to kick off the beginning of the conference. The introduction portrayed HOSA’s mission while inspiring the audience to pursue the various health fields that exist and have yet to be created. The video incorporated the large LED screen as well as (12) 4K televisions and two 20-foot projection screens to physically emphasize the huge impact of HOSA-Future Health Professionals. In addition to communicating the benefits of joining a health profession and making a difference, the video itself was designed to catalyze the passions of the audience members and motivate them to “lead, learn, serve, and innovate.”

Making A Moment

One of the most difficult undertakings in life is not only being able to capture a moment, but also being able to create one. With a speciality in total show management, Cybis Communications has the ability to integrate all aspects of live show production to truly make an experience memorable for its audiences around the country.

In 2016, the Business Professionals of America celebrated their 50th Anniversary since the organization’s foundation. 50 years of molding young adults into the future business professionals of the world is an accomplishment that truly deserved to be recognized. Given the fortunate opportunity, Cybis integrated pre-production, identity development, script writing, lighting, audio, stage design, and post-production to capture all that BPA has accomplished and what it genuinely means to be part of the organization. In a unique, creative, and heartfelt effort to make the conference special for everyone in attendance, Cybis was able to create a moment for the audience to celebrate the remarkable opportunities that the Business Professionals of America has granted its members and the significant impact it has made on their lives.

Aside from focusing so much of the conference theme around the importance of the anniversary, the Cybis team utilized its creative expertise by kicking off the opening session with a pinnacle celebratory moment following the parade of flags. In a short video featuring the year’s national officer team, Cybis highlighted the Business Professionals of America’s greatest values and achievements on top of an inspirational soundtrack that not only moved the audience but also amplified their anticipation. With the combination of the officer team and representatives from all the states on stage, the finale of the video, timing of the on-screen image, and explosion of streamers and music, Cybis elegantly produced an impactful moment that engaged the audience and highlighted this significant milestone in the organization’s history.


Old & New

Built in 1889, the historic Church Street Station in Orlando, Florida is a one-of-a-kind venue. So when Orlando EDC partnered with Cybis to produce the 2014 Schwartz Tech Awards, we knew we needed to introduce modern, high-tech elements, while enhancing the historic and intricate architecture of the space.

With a lighting installation to highlight key structural details, the three story room came to life with splashes of color. A series of vertical TVs were hung around the venue to create optimal viewing from all perspectives. The pièce de résistance was a twelve feet tall center screen bordered by a custom frame surround matching the exact colors and styles of décor throughout the venue.

The result? A perfect blend of classic and modern fit befitting a high-tech awards ceremony.

An Elegant Affair

Cybis helped Visit Orlando celebrate its 30th Anniversary with an elegant environmental design, regal show graphics, and powerful evening of entertainment.

“What an awesome night! You outdid yourselves. We are receiving rave reviews. Yay!!! I can’t thank you enough for going on the journey with me and for all of your help and patience along the way. The room looked great and the production side of the event was amazing ”

-Julie Martinez, Visit Orlando
Director of Trade Shows & Event


Full Revolution

What does it take to produce an event in one of the world’s top malls? We ventured to The Mall at Millenia’s Grand Court for an elegant evening with the Orlando Health Foundation to find out. One Night: In the Moment put attendees in the center of twelve LED screens for 360 degree video content. Reflecting the twelve points on a clock and the race against time experienced when a tragedy occurs, the event’s theme came to life in the physical space.

View the One Night: In The Moment show

A Knight to Remember

With the sprawling University of Central Florida in our backyard, it’s no wonder that our Orlando studio and even our nationwide team call themselves Knights. Both CEO, Jeff and founding Creative Director, Clayton, are proud UCF alumni. Through a network of connections at the school, Cybis was granted the tremendous opportunity to produce the UCF Alumni Association’s annual gala awards ceremony in the newly christened state-of-the-art arena.

The event, celebrating the achievements of UCF Alumni (including our very own Jeff Douglass), was to be an elegant, black-tie affair on the center court of the new Arena. Cybis was commissioned to design the entire event, starting with the identity then on to the staging, lighting, graphics, audio direction and even the printed event program.

Our designs featured the iconic UCF star, Polaris, against gilded textures and sparkles. The event was a Cybis classic, featuring a magnificent stage, a powerful intro and an emotive mix of music to guide the audience through the evening. Jeff, Clayton and about 300 other UCF alumni were proud to be Knights that night.

Primetime Set Design

One of our all-time favorite stage designs, this set raised the bar for student leadership conferences – and broadcast events as well! Our challenge was to create a stage set worthy of the primetime spotlight. It needed to have the feel of a news entertainment program, with the dynamics and diversity of a network awards show – like the Grammys or People’s Choice Awards.

We created exactly that. Our stage was designed to look like the set of a network’s flagship program, divided into three distinct sections. Stage left was a casual area centered around a large high definition screen where on-stage talent could stand and talk as dynamic content filled the screen behind them. Stage right was a peninsula containing a sleek podium. Center stage was a larger mixed-use area. We positioned two comfortable chairs facing each other for segments meant to replicate the intimacy of a primetime talk-show. At other points, the chairs were removed to open up the stage for a keynote speaker. Behind this area was a large projection screen that provided the camera shots with an array of energetic background textures.

As icing on the cake, the set was layered with a spectrum of moving lights, backlit panels, intricate trussing and a surrounding grid-wall. From this nerve center, the officers and keynotes delivered two sessions worth of high-octane entertainment and inspiration, driven with a suite of high-end, 3D infused package graphics and immersive sound. The next few pages will give you an idea of what our package of stage and show elements looked like… but to experience it in full HD, you had to be there!

Build a Better You

For HOSA’s 2013 National Leadership Conference, Cybis debuted a state-of-the-art projection mapping set.

Over two months, we designed and produced the entire stage from the ground up: beginning with the initial concepts and renders, through the physical construction of nearly forty 3D cubes, the technical logistics of flawlessly blending four high-powered projectors, and the creative design and animation for nearly 300 graphics which displayed behind the on-stage talent.

The biggest challenge was reinventing our approaches for so many elements of the 3D set. Never before had we designed content around a 3D surface, let alone rendered them in a format that would seamlessly play and map across this many projectors. It’s a huge testament to our team’s dedication to answer so many unknowns without running a full-scale test until we were on-site.” – Allen Ellis, Senior Creative Producer

The 40’ wide by 16’ canvas presented a unique way to display the session’s content, while showcasing stunning imagery. The dimensional set also featured a VIP archway for high-profile VIP’s and an overhead, floating beam with continually scrolling content.

The most inspiring part of this project was the way we brought all of our departments together. Our stage designers were working with our scriptwriters and graphics designers to coordinate the blocking and graphic layouts for each of the show’s most pivotal moments.– Danny Spors, Associate Producer

Stage Design with POW!

Cybis teamed up with TRI Leadership Resources for Georgia FCCLA’s 2013 State Leadership Meeting – bringing comic book style to the “Saving the World… One Leader at a Time!” identity. Inspired by the pages out of “The Amazing Spiderman,” our creative media team brought to life a mighty and POW!-erful look for the logo.

Larger than life 3D halftone-textured panels, towering 16 feet in the air, created an epic backdrop for the scene. And what superhero lair would be complete without a dramatic entrance? In the center of the stage stood a sliding door, revealing the true heroes behind the event – Georgia FCCLA’s members.

“The team was proud to know that we had introduced the first sliding door entrance at a Cybis event! It was impressive to see the door slide open for the first time to reveal the officers in their sharp, red blazers as they stepped into the spotlight – sometimes striking a superhero pose or two!” -Danny Spors, Associate Producer