All Things Production & Branding for the National Career Association!

With the inaugural National Career Development Conference on the horizon, the newly-formed National Career Association looked to Cybis to produce their very first live event! Starting off with an audience in the hundreds, Cybis was poised to support the event from pre-production all the way through to on-site execution. As with any new organization, NCA was also in need of a brand design, and Cybis was perfectly fit to serve all of their needs under one roof. 

Following the creation of the NCA brand, Cybis got to work on the details. NCA emphasized how they wanted to go above and beyond for the first ever National Career Development Conference, to set the stage for future growth, so our pre-production began with conversations about creative and technical direction for the event. It was our goal to wow first-time event-goers and create an inspirational production experience for our true client: the audience!

During pre-production, the Cybis Team got to work connecting with the venue and coordinating all technical aspects of the event. Our audiovisual experts developed room and stage diagrams, along with gear lists and detailed production plans for the equipment Cybis provided. On the creative side, Cybis also developed the motion graphics and comprehensive design of the show. Providing Total Show Management and support meant Cybis had to make decisions about the stage design; video, audio, and lighting equipment; team staffing; and set building to create a program that was truly unforgettable. 

When showtime finally arrived, Cybis brought our talented production team and stage manager to provide VIP coaching and leadership for this inaugural event. The NCDC serves as an opportunity to highlight members of NCA and recognize them for all of their achievements in career exploration programs. It was Cybis’ goal to elevate this organization and their mission through high quality production and creative elements. Seeing what was once an idea form into a complete organization with a clear brand and logo, to then seeing a stage and full event built around that brand, resulted in an immensely successful event with more opportunities ahead for Cybis and NCA! 

HOSA ILC Stage Design

In preparation for HOSA’s International Leadership Conference―the first of its kind, including members from other countries around the world―Cybis used its 22 years of experience producing live shows to develop some of its most creative work. With an audience that required the use of two Disney resort ballrooms, Cybis needed to design two unique stages that would captivate those in each room. The team involved in the stage design process integrated some of Cybis’ most elaborate designs for the HOSA sets. Adorned with hand-made structures that shined and amazed, both stages were designed to be easily seen by over 10,000 attendees – both Cybis and HOSA’s largest audience in their decade of partnership.

Faced with such a large conference, the Cybis team was motivated to think outside the box and breathe extra creative life into the production. What the team came up with was all-encompassing―big stages with multiple screens, ballrooms full of color, lighting and construction of the stages used to create volume and depth on the set with different textures and dynamic designs―the integration of everything enveloped the action happening up front.

With the extravagant stage designs in place, it was up to the rest of the team to make everything flow together. Calculated stage choreography coupled with predetermined camera shots and dazzling graphics projected on a 60-foot LED video screen allowed us to highlight all of the important accomplishments of those dedicated to HOSA’s cause. Cybis not only wanted to celebrate HOSA’s 40th International Leadership Conference, but to also emphasize in a big way the critical need of health professionals in our society.

In order to convey the important message of this huge organization, the Cybis team came up with a purpose-driven video to kick off the beginning of the conference. The introduction portrayed HOSA’s mission while inspiring the audience to pursue the various health fields that exist and have yet to be created. The video incorporated the large LED screen as well as (12) 4K televisions and two 20-foot projection screens to physically emphasize the huge impact of HOSA-Future Health Professionals. In addition to communicating the benefits of joining a health profession and making a difference, the video itself was designed to catalyze the passions of the audience members and motivate them to “lead, learn, serve, and innovate.”

Future Forward

Our approach to branding is like genealogy.

The heart of your brand is your family crest. It means something. It’s a nod to where you come from, but it also takes a stand about what you stand for — the characteristics of your identity that won’t go away or fade with time as your organization pivots and grows.

“Many companies love their brand, image, and look,” says Cybis Creative Director Clayton Carter. “When your brand is familiar to your customers and competitors, it’s important to include a nod to that design in the lineage of that brand.”

At CYBIS, we call this family crest your brand DNA. It’s the essence of your brand that helps you maintain that balance between consistent and revolutionary, comfortable and competitive. And that’s just the approach we used when developing HOSA’s annual marketing and event Identity “The Future Starts Now.”

HOSA’s clean, futuristic, modern design DNA, resulted in presentations that are clearly HOSA but also clearly the future of health professionals.

Leaning on a brand’s core values, we create full suites of identity products that match a brand’s DNA, conceiving a lineage of familiar, instantly recognizable elements that are also fresh and new.

It may be a little cheesy, but it’s true: every design choice you make is an opportunity to pioneer your future and forge a history you can look back on with pride.

A Splash of Color

We made a splash with these original print pieces designed for Georgia FBLA in the 2011-2012 academic year. From posters to brochures, programs and logos, we developed a bold “Dive In” brand.

Blueprint to Promotion

When it comes to promoting Business Professionals of America’s 2015 National Leadership Conference, we sought to showcase all the hardwork and dedication that students put into the organization, and where it can take them.

With BPA, if you dare to imagine and have the faith to believe, there is no limit to what you can become.

Leader of the Pack

Step up to every challenge that comes your way with the 2014-2015 HOSA identity “LEAD”. We were instantly inspired by the strength and boldness of the word “lead”. HOSA members exuberate these qualities and we capture that in this logo.

This logo is vibrant, fresh, and full of movement. The vibrant blue represents knowledge, power, and integrity, and a rich crystal shines within, as though it were a treasured talisman. Finally, we support the brand with two circular rings orbiting a triangular “A” to tie back into the HOSA identity.

If the logo was not vibrant enough, we definitely didn’t hold back with the atmosphere surrounding it. We drew upon vivid blues, reds, and yellows to supercharge the background. The EKG anchors our identity, reminding us that HOSA is alive and making a difference. An overlay of street lines zoom towards the logo representing our forward future. And finally, it is the faces of real HOSA students who complete the identity, who will lead the next generation of health workers in the years ahead.

So become the Future Health Professional you were meant to be, and let this identity help you LEAD HOSA into the future

The Power of One

This identity underscores the personal and professional challenges shared by trauma victims and the team at ORMC’s Level One Trauma Center, who support their sudden, transformative journey.

When their world stops turning, old priorities suddenly become meaningless. In that moment, the team’s purpose becomes startlingly simple. All that remains is the one team with one purpose, to save, and then rebuild their future. When tomorrow is too late, we stand together for one night.

The meaning is three-fold. Primarily, “one” refers to the singular focus the trauma center’s staff devotes to each life, reflecting their unified teamwork. It is also a subtle reference to the level one trauma care center. Finally it celebrates excellence in trauma care, emphasizing the life-saving decisions often made in one hour or even one minute.

We selected a thin font to help symbolize just how fragile life is. Finally, the words are flanked by a watercolored symbol of a solar eclipse. When a family experiences a traumatic event, it often eclipses everything else for those moments. Similarly, when doctors are making those critical decisions in the trauma bay, their own thoughts are eclipsed by their responsibility as caregivers – giving them complete focus on their job and their patient.

Cybis developed a range of collateral beyond the identity, including web e-vites, program booklets, direct mailers and meter boards to promote the event.

Blast Off

Get ready to blast off into deep space and “Discover your Passion” with our 2014-2015 identity for Georgia FBLA. We were instantly inspired by the word “discover.” What better way to represent the spirit of Discovery than with mankind’s passion for exploring space and its ever expanding possibilities? Pack your bags and look to the stars, because the opportunities on this adventure are endless like the universe.

The logo is surrounded by a vibrant galaxy with a vintage spin on it. Deep blues and greens emerging from a nebula give everything a sci-fi glow. We see a crescent moon towering in the corner, shooting stars soaring across the sky, a rocket ship flying by on it’s journey, and even a flying saucer hovering around Earth! Quick, take a selfie!

Creative Spark

A modern and edgy lightning bolt, representing the spark, is the centerpiece of this identity. Sparking a newfound sense of leadership or maybe even a new career path, the logo for Washington DECA is an embodiment of the energy of its audience.

Our first approach was to come up with a symbol. An elegant lightning bolt did just the trick. We then filled it with orange, red, and yellow shaded triangles which help give it a texture that isn’t overbearing but more intriguing to the eye. The bolt is bold and could stand on its own. However, it’s accompanied by a more sleek version of the word spark. Inside, it contains a very similar triangular pattern and we see a few triangles floating between the letters just for a bit of an abstract detail. A few flares rest near the edges of the letters to really make it come alive and give it an electric look. It’s featured on a stark white background that really makes the logo pop.

Chart Your Course

Get ready to sail away on an adventure with Georgia FBLA’s “Chart Your Course” identity! Pack your bags full of hopes and dreams because the possibilities on this journey are endless. Georgia FBLA students will be inspired to create their own destinations and prepare their sea-legs for a wild ride this year!

We were instantly inspired by nautical tools like compass rose, sea charts, and directional arrows. Note how we’ve incorporated these and other sailing elements throughout the logo! The circular seal we’ve created is Islands of Adventure meets Sperry Top Sider! Instead of going with traditional navy sailor colors, we’ve chosen a spicy coral/salmon color palette paired with a muted sea green to really give it some pop! Our approach to typography was to give a little edge to the design to complement the bright colors. A deep chocolate color gives weight to the wording by allowing it to jump off the face of the compass.

Throughout this logo, you’ll realize some fine touches we’ve added to convey the nautical theme. The A in “Chart” is etched with lines to resemble an old-fashioned drafting compass, heavily used in navigation. At the bottom, we’ve added navigational elements like a distance scale and kept a classic map font for the National Leadership Conference information.

Georgia FBLA provides members with the necessary navigational tools to steer them in the right direction of their goals. Expect further application of this identity to inspire each student to reach for the stars and show them what they must do to get there.

Prepare yourself for adventure as we set sail to the unknown, where anything can happen while you embark on your route to success.