HOSA In-The-Round

HOSA–Future Health Professionals has partnered with Cybis since 2007 for the production of their annual International Leadership Conference. This long standing relationship has established a great deal of trust, which allows Team Cybis to test all creative limits of event production. When the audience comes from so many countries across the globe, Cybis steps up to the challenge of exceeding their expectations.

This year, Cybis built a stage inspired by the “in-the-round” concept. A stage in-the round is exactly how it sounds: it is placed in the center of a space and the audience is placed 360 degrees surrounding the stage. However, in order to accommodate a centrally-located VIP room and winner staging area, Cybis created more of a “north and south” stage. The audience had the same view of the stage from both sides, so the conference was able to seat half of the attendees on one side and half on the other.

After two years of virtual conferences, Cybis’ goal was to create a sense of connection as people came back together. With a creative LED archway, HOSA International Officers and special speakers were able to switch back and forth to either side of the stage and address both sides of the audience. It was important to not make either side feel as if the show was being directed more toward one than the other. Projection screens provided a look into what was happening from all angles, on all sides, at any moment, immersing the audience into every element of the show regardless of which side the action was actually on.

Creative opportunities like this are the highlight of producing live events. Being able to create an amazing experience for over 10,000 people inspires Team Cybis to continue supporting events and organizations that are also doing creative and unthinkable things. With a strong dedication to inspiring audiences, Cybis is committed to going above and beyond whenever possible to create the experience of a lifetime for leaders of all ages!

In the Interim: Big Groups to Broadcasts

With an anticipated live audience of over 12,000 attendees, HOSA-Future Health Professionals—like so many other organizations—had to bring their 2020 International Leadership Conference to a virtual platform.

This year, the Cybis Team flew to Dallas, TX to produce and broadcast the general sessions for HOSA’s online audience of over 6,000. Tucked away in a ballroom of the Gaylord Texan Resort & Convention Center, our team built a full set equipped with an LED screen, neon accents, a brilliant reflective stage, full lighting, and haze for dramatic effect. The leadership rehearsed and presented on-stage as normal… with the contingencies of wearing masks and staying 6’ apart.

Team Cybis followed all of the safety precautions on-site as well to ensure that we created a healthy environment for our team and representatives from HOSA: one person per 6-foot table, mandatory masks to be worn at all times, temperature checks at the beginning of each work day, hand sanitizer available all over the room, online team documents, individual hotel rooms, and social distancing on and off the work-site.

Over the course of seven days, our team travelled, set up, rehearsed, broadcasted seven general sessions, and struck the whole set. We received rave reviews from HOSA staff, members, and online participants.

It was one of the best [sessions] ever, regardless of whether it was online or in person.

— Jeff Koeninger, Director of HOSA, Inc.

We were proud to produce this flagship virtual event and showcase our potential for other organizations as the industry faces tough decisions over the upcoming months. Our team will continue to adapt to the changing times and demands of virtual events, but we can’t wait to get back to the live productions we love most. In the interim, our team will be serving clients virtually whether we are together, miles away, or just six feet apart.

Setting the Stage for the Future

As Cybis began its biggest project of the season, the HOSA-Future Health Professionals geared up for their biggest event: the annual International Leadership Conference. For over a decade, Cybis has supported HOSA’s biggest event of the year, both in significance to the organization and in audience size.

Simultaneously with the development of scripts, we began “setting the stage” in late March. In a meeting of Cybis’ creative leaders, we took inspiration from the 2019 theme “Define Your Purpose” to begin preliminary stage designs. Outfitted with a “book” as the centerpiece—two projection screens adjacent to one another—the exterior pieces of the stage began to take on the characteristics of a library. We added projection pieces on each side of the “book” to be used as “shelves,” where we projected books, scientific artifacts, medical tools, and conference information. But then, we wanted to do more! We extended the design horizontally with large parallelograms; to continue to build on the book theme, we projected book spines on to them with even more event information. And to top it off, we placed a marquee above the set to anchor the design and give residence to ticker text with overarching event content.

Iteration after iteration, we began to build on our stage renders. With the help of 3D mapping and animation software, we built the stage to scale, factoring in every detail including lighting and presenters on stage. We even added our new, custom-built, digital podium into the mix. In the end, we developed a design unique to the organization, the theme, and to our team.

By late June, the stage came to life. Serving as a place not only for award winners to receive their medals, plaques, and trophies, the HOSA stage set the foundation for future health professionals to begin their journeys. Cybis continues to support student leadership groups in an effort to better the generations of the future.

HOSA ILC Stage Design

In preparation for HOSA’s International Leadership Conference―the first of its kind, including members from other countries around the world―Cybis used its 22 years of experience producing live shows to develop some of its most creative work. With an audience that required the use of two Disney resort ballrooms, Cybis needed to design two unique stages that would captivate those in each room. The team involved in the stage design process integrated some of Cybis’ most elaborate designs for the HOSA sets. Adorned with hand-made structures that shined and amazed, both stages were designed to be easily seen by over 10,000 attendees – both Cybis and HOSA’s largest audience in their decade of partnership.

Faced with such a large conference, the Cybis team was motivated to think outside the box and breathe extra creative life into the production. What the team came up with was all-encompassing―big stages with multiple screens, ballrooms full of color, lighting and construction of the stages used to create volume and depth on the set with different textures and dynamic designs―the integration of everything enveloped the action happening up front.

With the extravagant stage designs in place, it was up to the rest of the team to make everything flow together. Calculated stage choreography coupled with predetermined camera shots and dazzling graphics projected on a 60-foot LED video screen allowed us to highlight all of the important accomplishments of those dedicated to HOSA’s cause. Cybis not only wanted to celebrate HOSA’s 40th International Leadership Conference, but to also emphasize in a big way the critical need of health professionals in our society.

In order to convey the important message of this huge organization, the Cybis team came up with a purpose-driven video to kick off the beginning of the conference. The introduction portrayed HOSA’s mission while inspiring the audience to pursue the various health fields that exist and have yet to be created. The video incorporated the large LED screen as well as (12) 4K televisions and two 20-foot projection screens to physically emphasize the huge impact of HOSA-Future Health Professionals. In addition to communicating the benefits of joining a health profession and making a difference, the video itself was designed to catalyze the passions of the audience members and motivate them to “lead, learn, serve, and innovate.”

See Yourself Here

Take a look into your future. Where do you see yourself?

To boost membership and promote future health professionals, HOSA chose Cybis to give high school students a glimpse into the future. In this annual poster series, high quality photography captures a snapshot of healthcare professionals doing what they do best. From radiology to forensic medicine, the “See Yourself Here” series will place you in the middle of the action.

See more HOSA posters here.

Future Forward

Our approach to branding is like genealogy.

The heart of your brand is your family crest. It means something. It’s a nod to where you come from, but it also takes a stand about what you stand for — the characteristics of your identity that won’t go away or fade with time as your organization pivots and grows.

“Many companies love their brand, image, and look,” says Cybis Creative Director Clayton Carter. “When your brand is familiar to your customers and competitors, it’s important to include a nod to that design in the lineage of that brand.”

At CYBIS, we call this family crest your brand DNA. It’s the essence of your brand that helps you maintain that balance between consistent and revolutionary, comfortable and competitive. And that’s just the approach we used when developing HOSA’s annual marketing and event Identity “The Future Starts Now.”

HOSA’s clean, futuristic, modern design DNA, resulted in presentations that are clearly HOSA but also clearly the future of health professionals.

Leaning on a brand’s core values, we create full suites of identity products that match a brand’s DNA, conceiving a lineage of familiar, instantly recognizable elements that are also fresh and new.

It may be a little cheesy, but it’s true: every design choice you make is an opportunity to pioneer your future and forge a history you can look back on with pride.

A Healthy Dose of Promotion

One student healthcare organization is leading the way to successful futures. Using the best footage captured by our videographers, our creative team prescribed a promotion video that is just what the doctor ordered.

Promo Video with Impact

We took our best footage, a driving soundtrack and edgy motion graphics, then injected a dose of powerful copy to make an impact on the world’s future health professionals. Check out the promotional video for HOSA’s 2012 National Leadership Conference: Impact Your Future.

Leader of the Pack

Step up to every challenge that comes your way with the 2014-2015 HOSA identity “LEAD”. We were instantly inspired by the strength and boldness of the word “lead”. HOSA members exuberate these qualities and we capture that in this logo.

This logo is vibrant, fresh, and full of movement. The vibrant blue represents knowledge, power, and integrity, and a rich crystal shines within, as though it were a treasured talisman. Finally, we support the brand with two circular rings orbiting a triangular “A” to tie back into the HOSA identity.

If the logo was not vibrant enough, we definitely didn’t hold back with the atmosphere surrounding it. We drew upon vivid blues, reds, and yellows to supercharge the background. The EKG anchors our identity, reminding us that HOSA is alive and making a difference. An overlay of street lines zoom towards the logo representing our forward future. And finally, it is the faces of real HOSA students who complete the identity, who will lead the next generation of health workers in the years ahead.

So become the Future Health Professional you were meant to be, and let this identity help you LEAD HOSA into the future

Build a Better You

For HOSA’s 2013 National Leadership Conference, Cybis debuted a state-of-the-art projection mapping set.

Over two months, we designed and produced the entire stage from the ground up: beginning with the initial concepts and renders, through the physical construction of nearly forty 3D cubes, the technical logistics of flawlessly blending four high-powered projectors, and the creative design and animation for nearly 300 graphics which displayed behind the on-stage talent.

The biggest challenge was reinventing our approaches for so many elements of the 3D set. Never before had we designed content around a 3D surface, let alone rendered them in a format that would seamlessly play and map across this many projectors. It’s a huge testament to our team’s dedication to answer so many unknowns without running a full-scale test until we were on-site.” – Allen Ellis, Senior Creative Producer

The 40’ wide by 16’ canvas presented a unique way to display the session’s content, while showcasing stunning imagery. The dimensional set also featured a VIP archway for high-profile VIP’s and an overhead, floating beam with continually scrolling content.

The most inspiring part of this project was the way we brought all of our departments together. Our stage designers were working with our scriptwriters and graphics designers to coordinate the blocking and graphic layouts for each of the show’s most pivotal moments.– Danny Spors, Associate Producer