A Production to Watch

Cybis has had the privilege of partnering with GrowFL since 2019 for their annual Florida Companies to Watch (FLCTW) event. This event has allowed GrowFL to promote growing companies and thriving entrepreneurs in the Sunshine State. Along with providing a networking opportunity for the Honorees and Sponsors in attendance, GrowFL shines as Florida’s only organization exclusively dedicated to the acceleration of second-stage companies. While GrowFL focuses on the growth of these successfully-growing businesses, Cybis focuses on creating an event experience for their upscale audience members!

The special relationship between Cybis and GrowFL allows the organizations to mutually benefit from one another—Cybis assists with all pre-production, creates custom motion graphics, serves as a knowledgeable consulting party, and builds the beautiful stage present at Florida Companies to Watch events year after year. In return, GrowFL gathers some of the most notable entrepreneurs and businesses in Florida for their annual ceremony.

Special opportunities like these afford Cybis a new market of potential customers while also elevating the great work being done by GrowFL. From supporting a live event to fully producing a virtual FLCTW in an LED studio space, Cybis is excited to have returned to the live environment for their 2022 event and looks forward to continuing to set the stage for this esteemed organization.