“How has CYBIS been doing it for TWENTY-EIGHT Years!?”

Character, reputation, and strategy go a long way in this industry. By staying committed to our values, we are proud to always put our best foot forward for our clients.

At Cybis, we have several key values that serve as the baseline for the way we treat our clients. Regardless of the unique circumstances we cater to for each event, we’re constantly committed to what matters to us most. I believe these matter to our clients most, too!


Our clients are our lifeline; we are intensely loyal to them and exceeding their expectations. Impressing and serving our clients well keeps them coming back year after year to partner with our team… A job well done is one thing, but a Cybis production that makes an impact keeps audiences talking and maintains the kind of reputation we want to have as a live event production company.


When our clients hire Cybis, we want to be sure they know why: we strive to be the experts. Rounds of feedback can be annoying, frustrating, and particular – and it’s difficult to imagine a final product from a work-in-progress draft. We save our clients the headache and work behind the scenes with their vision in mind to create a true “first draft”—a fully packaged piece that you’ll love at first glance.


We put our attention where it matters most to our clients, and that is often the success of an event through the eyes of the audience. We strive for excellence in exceeding the audience’s expectations, which in turn always makes our clients the most happy.


We pride ourselves on our ability to manage and successfully execute every aspect of production so our clients don’t have to. Partnering with Cybis means sitting back and letting us handle the nuances. From directing the show, coaching VIP, writing and revising scripts, manipulating motion graphics, and putting together a stellar team, we know all of the best ways to ensure an exciting event!


Because we are thinking about the show in its entirety, we are able to discover challenges early and before they are even close to affecting the show. There is no need to ask about any aspect of the live shows when we are thinking of everything and have you covered.


When it’s time to collaborate, we understand you’ve trusted us to know best. So instead of coming to you with problems, we’ve already considered them and have developed solutions. Leave the obstacles to us so you can focus elsewhere.


Bidding is a headache of the past when partnering with Cybis. We are constantly reinventing aspects of our shows to keep things fresh. We continue to invest in the newest gear, work with exceptional talent who bring new experience and different perspectives, and work with partners with their ears to the ground on the evolving desires of our audiences.


Our commitment is to earn your business indefinitely. Team Cybis and I treat our clients the way I want to be treated. It’s more important to us that our clients feel taken care of, are confident about the progress of the production, and have no doubts about partnering with us in the future when their event is over. There is no use in nickel and diming or worrying about the small line item details when what we appreciate most is the lifetime value of a single client; this is evident from our average client tenure of between 10-20 years!

We look forward to our continued growth as a company, as well as the growth and successes of our clients. The reward of successful events and satisfying productions is what gets me out of bed in the morning, and has for 28 years. Cheers to many more!

Jeff Douglass
Founder & Executive Producer

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“Does Cybis own the equipment at its events?”

I’m asked this all the time.  Folks see Team Cybis directing the show, coaching VIP, revising scripts, and manipulating motion graphics, and they’re often shocked to hear — “YES, Cybis Productions also owns this gear!”  As a total show company…

…we continue to make major investments in the latest audio/visual equipment. And we provide the maximum benefit to our clients by serving as PRODUCER and AV RENTAL company.

Earlier this month, we sent two truckloads full of Cybis gear to Visit Orlando’s Year-End Celebration. And I strongly believe this AV gear was simply our large toolbag handled by our experienced professional show operators.

If you’re choosing a production company simply by their toolbag, it’s time to rethink!

Okay I confess, like even the largest global event companies, Cybis does occasionally cross-rent some gear. Sometimes this is influenced by georgraphy, peak event season, or trade agreements with other AV suppliers. And again, what matters is most is who is at the helm!

Compared to a regular AV rental company, Cybis is proud to be a show production company that owns gear. We’re committed to our clients’ needs and the success of their event, and we have the equipment that allows us to execute it in the best way possible. Because we care about putting on a great show, we focus on owning the high-quality equipment to facilitate doing so. Our team wants the best gear to work with and our clients want the best gear to support their production.

In fact, in 2022, we have invested more into our expanding inventory than any previous year in Cybis’ history!

And for our colleagues in the industry… Yes, Cybis offers dry-rentals in Orlando! Let’s partner!

Jeff Douglass
Founder & Executive Producer

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“How do you bring precision to executing a live Cybis show?”

Inspired by broadcast awards shows that we’ve had the privilege of supporting (MTV Movie Awards), Team Cybis developed our innovative cloud-based block-format production cue script. Our goal was to ensure all parties had access to the latest real-time spoken word and audio / video / grafx / lighting cues and they would evolve together from first draft until showtime!

Our scripting approach easily outshines the old-school free-flowing Word doc with endless page numbers. Cybis scripts are notoriously organized by block name and number. A “block” is essentially one segment owned by one speaker. Numbered blocks and titles summarizing content allow our team to break the script down into bite-sized, easily identifiable pieces. Each block has its own sound, lighting look, set of graphics, choreography notes, and spoken word, to support the presenter on-stage. Blocks can be reorganized without disrupting the music or graphics cues they are associated with. This strategy makes it significantly more efficient for our production team to follow along, focus on transitions, and plan for what’s coming up next.

A Cybis script designates columns for audio cues, lighting cues, and graphics cues; all aligned with the perfect moments in the spoken-word portion of the script. Now we can execute these cues synchronously with the presentations on the stage.

What makes Cybis events stand out is our simultaneous execution of elements all at once to make a moment. The speaker on-stage announces a big win, music crescendos, gorgeous graphics animate on-screen, streamers blast out from the stage, lighting effects punctuate the atmosphere, and the crowd goes wild! How does all of that happen at the same time? Not luck… it is the result of a highly refined script with detailed notes in-line with every moment of the show…. executed with precision.

We are very proud of our script format and although I’d love to call it proprietary, we know many of our clients embrace it for their other smaller presentations throughout the year. Imitation is the best form of flattery.   : )

In addition to bringing an expert team and the latest gear, allow Cybis to introduce our innovative scripting strategy to your next show!

Jeff Douglass
Founder & Executive Producer

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“What is your definition of success for Cybis?”

It’s heartwarming to reflect on Cybis’ 27-year evolution and successes. These include the million+ audience members inspired by a live Cybis show, our team (past & present) who proudly take their talents to the next level, our growing clientele we get to partner with, and the company’s overall long-term viability. My definition of success for the future of Cybis is essentially the same as day one… continue to be the home for extraordinary talent who collaborates to move people to pursue their own achievements through the power of creative media & event technology!

Since founding Cybis in 1995, I’ve had the privilege of seeing it completely change shape over the years. Going from a team of college friends hanging in my living room, to an office of full-timers, to now 100% freelancers around the world, I’ve found a successful business model that works in the industry we serve. Working with all freelancers isn’t always easy, but our superior team of professionals is committed to excellence. Everyone on Team Cybis shows up to our events ready to create a stellar experience for our audiences. This commitment is a huge indicator of success for me along with their attitudes on-site and what their experience is during the show. Putting on a great show that the audience loves and the team feels proud to create is what I ultimately believe is a successful production.

In addition to this, our CLIENTS are what determine our success. We strive to provide superior service in all aspects of production—whether it’s before, during, or after an event. Earning trust and leveraging client relationships is one of the most important things I spend my days doing. Making sure clients feel confident in our work, trust us to work with them to achieve their goals, and are thrilled by the end result is what success looks like to me. If a client doesn’t come up to me after an event beaming about how we exceeded their expectations, then I know our team must do better. That’s my standard.

Success also comes in the form of stability and growth for the company, and the opportunities that are open to us looking forward. When we are scaling the number of clients we serve, the amount of equipment we own in order to serve them BETTER, and are challenging ourselves to take risks and do new things for our events, THAT is another measure of success for me.

It is my goal to see Cybis grow as a company, flourish as a team, and excel as a partner to our clients. Clients come back year after year because they have found success in US.

Jeff Douglass
Founder & Executive Producer

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A Production to Watch

Cybis has had the privilege of partnering with GrowFL since 2019 for their annual Florida Companies to Watch (FLCTW) event. This event has allowed GrowFL to promote growing companies and thriving entrepreneurs in the Sunshine State. Along with providing a networking opportunity for the Honorees and Sponsors in attendance, GrowFL shines as Florida’s only organization exclusively dedicated to the acceleration of second-stage companies. While GrowFL focuses on the growth of these successfully-growing businesses, Cybis focuses on creating an event experience for their upscale audience members!

The special relationship between Cybis and GrowFL allows the organizations to mutually benefit from one another—Cybis assists with all pre-production, creates custom motion graphics, serves as a knowledgeable consulting party, and builds the beautiful stage present at Florida Companies to Watch events year after year. In return, GrowFL gathers some of the most notable entrepreneurs and businesses in Florida for their annual ceremony.

Special opportunities like these afford Cybis a new market of potential customers while also elevating the great work being done by GrowFL. From supporting a live event to fully producing a virtual FLCTW in an LED studio space, Cybis is excited to have returned to the live environment for their 2022 event and looks forward to continuing to set the stage for this esteemed organization.

“Where does the name CYBIS COMMUNICATIONS come from?”

I didn’t have a crystal ball when starting Cybis Communications in ’95 but it might seem like the future was predestined.

The name CYBIS originated from an exquisite ballroom in Ft. Lauderdale in the 70’s, called “The Cybis Room.” People visited The Cybis Room, with its multi-million dollar display of art and antiques, from all over the world. So do you think it’s a coincidence that, today, Team CYBIS spends so much time producing exquisite shows in ballrooms?

I added “COMMUNICATIONS” as a broad grasp at what I enjoyed – inspiring people through design/technology.

But this is a new day, we have evolved, and it’s time to better communicate what CYBIS really does. And let’s face it, I’m tired of folks thinking we sell phone services. We’re dropping “Communications” and need your help! Shall we become Cybis Productions, Cybis Live Events, Cybis Audio/Visual, or Cybis ________?
Please help us with this 1-MINUTE SURVEY.

Thank you!

Jeff Douglass
Founder & Executive Producer

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Unbelievable Excellence with Visit Orlando

Visit Orlando is The Official Tourism Association® for Orlando, the most visited destination in the United States and Theme Park Capital of the World,” and Cybis has had the honor of serving this esteemed organization time and time again. Within this long-standing alliance, we have exponentially increased the number of shows produced from year to year for Visit Orlando, a clear testament to the quality of production we provide here at Cybis! 

While the tourism bureau focuses on promoting Orlando, our team is focused on showcasing their incredible attributes to a greater, global audience. With the debut of their Unbelievably Real marketing campaign this past year, Visit Orlando looked to Cybis to produce the campaign’s motion graphics, live show vision/direction, and stage management. With this, Cybis also maintained secrecy of the information until the international press conference—IPW—ensued, which we also produced! 

In our most recent project together, we produced Visit Orlando’s annual Insights Luncheon & Economic Forum. As with all beginning stages of a live production, we listened to the team’s specific vision for the event, style, scripting, and stage environment. Custom, elegant set design, motion graphics, and scripted moments helped to highlight trends and opportunities that will shape the future of Orlando and tourism in our city. 

From luncheons to international press releases, Cybis has produced a variety of events for Visit Orlando in many of Orlando’s most premiere locations, fitting to say the least! These locations include the Dr. Phillips Center, the Amway Center, Orange County Convention Center, and even local venue sellouts. With Cybis’ commitment to Total Show Management for all of our clients, we aim to fulfill promises and exceed expectations. We greatly cherish our partnership with Visit Orlando as it continues to keep us on our feet with new shows and new challenges on the horizon!

HOSA In-The-Round

HOSA–Future Health Professionals has partnered with Cybis since 2007 for the production of their annual International Leadership Conference. This long standing relationship has established a great deal of trust, which allows Team Cybis to test all creative limits of event production. When the audience comes from so many countries across the globe, Cybis steps up to the challenge of exceeding their expectations.

This year, Cybis built a stage inspired by the “in-the-round” concept. A stage in-the round is exactly how it sounds: it is placed in the center of a space and the audience is placed 360 degrees surrounding the stage. However, in order to accommodate a centrally-located VIP room and winner staging area, Cybis created more of a “north and south” stage. The audience had the same view of the stage from both sides, so the conference was able to seat half of the attendees on one side and half on the other.

After two years of virtual conferences, Cybis’ goal was to create a sense of connection as people came back together. With a creative LED archway, HOSA International Officers and special speakers were able to switch back and forth to either side of the stage and address both sides of the audience. It was important to not make either side feel as if the show was being directed more toward one than the other. Projection screens provided a look into what was happening from all angles, on all sides, at any moment, immersing the audience into every element of the show regardless of which side the action was actually on.

Creative opportunities like this are the highlight of producing live events. Being able to create an amazing experience for over 10,000 people inspires Team Cybis to continue supporting events and organizations that are also doing creative and unthinkable things. With a strong dedication to inspiring audiences, Cybis is committed to going above and beyond whenever possible to create the experience of a lifetime for leaders of all ages!

Event Production Beyond All Limits

The process of producing live events involves more than just lights, camera, action. The pre-production phase of a live event is where many companies struggle. And companies who shine in pre-production generally have to outsource other aspects of production, such as gear rental, staffing, and show execution. Cybis excels in total show management: a turnkey approach to producing live events. Organizations who partner with Cybis experience a “one-stop shop” — one point of contact for all event-related aspects.

For BPA, Cybis provided all event production services: scriptwriting, logo creation, graphics creation, stage design, room diagramming, production team staffing, venue coordination, vendor coordination, audiovisual equipment, on-site talent coaching, creative consulting, and served as the backbone in all other general session/awards ceremony-related situations.

In the days approaching show time, Cybis’s elite team of production and staging professionals gather to walk through the production of the entire event. No matter the role, every team member knows the event from start to finish, a key to our success. As BPA leaders arrive, they are given personal attention to hone in on their speaking and presentation skills. While our clients are being personally coached, the technical aspects of the show are taken care of in the background. Witnessing an event from inception to completion is a truly amazing experience, especially because the entire process is produced internally here at Cybis.

All Things Production & Branding for the National Career Association!

With the inaugural National Career Development Conference on the horizon, the newly-formed National Career Association looked to Cybis to produce their very first live event! Starting off with an audience in the hundreds, Cybis was poised to support the event from pre-production all the way through to on-site execution. As with any new organization, NCA was also in need of a brand design, and Cybis was perfectly fit to serve all of their needs under one roof. 

Following the creation of the NCA brand, Cybis got to work on the details. NCA emphasized how they wanted to go above and beyond for the first ever National Career Development Conference, to set the stage for future growth, so our pre-production began with conversations about creative and technical direction for the event. It was our goal to wow first-time event-goers and create an inspirational production experience for our true client: the audience!

During pre-production, the Cybis Team got to work connecting with the venue and coordinating all technical aspects of the event. Our audiovisual experts developed room and stage diagrams, along with gear lists and detailed production plans for the equipment Cybis provided. On the creative side, Cybis also developed the motion graphics and comprehensive design of the show. Providing Total Show Management and support meant Cybis had to make decisions about the stage design; video, audio, and lighting equipment; team staffing; and set building to create a program that was truly unforgettable. 

When showtime finally arrived, Cybis brought our talented production team and stage manager to provide VIP coaching and leadership for this inaugural event. The NCDC serves as an opportunity to highlight members of NCA and recognize them for all of their achievements in career exploration programs. It was Cybis’ goal to elevate this organization and their mission through high quality production and creative elements. Seeing what was once an idea form into a complete organization with a clear brand and logo, to then seeing a stage and full event built around that brand, resulted in an immensely successful event with more opportunities ahead for Cybis and NCA!