Event Production Beyond All Limits

The process of producing live events involves more than just lights, camera, action. The pre-production phase of a live event is where many companies struggle. And companies who shine in pre-production generally have to outsource other aspects of production, such as gear rental, staffing, and show execution. Cybis excels in total show management: a turnkey approach to producing live events. Organizations who partner with Cybis experience a “one-stop shop” — one point of contact for all event-related aspects.

For BPA, Cybis provided all event production services: scriptwriting, logo creation, graphics creation, stage design, room diagramming, production team staffing, venue coordination, vendor coordination, audiovisual equipment, on-site talent coaching, creative consulting, and served as the backbone in all other general session/awards ceremony-related situations.

In the days approaching show time, Cybis’s elite team of production and staging professionals gather to walk through the production of the entire event. No matter the role, every team member knows the event from start to finish, a key to our success. As BPA leaders arrive, they are given personal attention to hone in on their speaking and presentation skills. While our clients are being personally coached, the technical aspects of the show are taken care of in the background. Witnessing an event from inception to completion is a truly amazing experience, especially because the entire process is produced internally here at Cybis.

Pre-Show Showcase

Cybis is committed to providing red carpet treatment to all of our clients and guests — this year we fulfilled this promise literally at the Business Professionals of America’s National Leadership Conference. Right outside the Anaheim Convention Center Arena in California, we rolled out the red carpet as 6,000 members, advisors, and guests arrived on Opening night.

Fully equipped with a plush red carpet, gold stanchions, and enthusiastic host, everyone entering the arena was greeted like a true celebrity. The entire event was webcast live for those at home to see the excitement; everyone attending or watching remotely could tweet at us, which was also broadcast live. The red carpet pre-show aired for the audience already inside the arena, creating a totally unscripted presentation of enthusiastic members stoked about BPA and the NLC. We brought the lights, cameras, AND action with interviews, shout outs, and chants from states all over the nation.

This event element was just as exciting for Team Cybis as it was the attendees. Having so much energy from so many walks of life made our 45 minutes of red carpet one for the books. Many had never been on a red carpet or been in front of the camera, so this felt like an extraordinary experience for some, including a 3-year member of BPA who elaborated on the scene:

“It’s definitely something I’ve never experienced before, so it’s nice for us small town people to get to see. It’s amazing… definitely a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for us.”

Making A Moment

One of the most difficult undertakings in life is not only being able to capture a moment, but also being able to create one. With a speciality in total show management, Cybis Communications has the ability to integrate all aspects of live show production to truly make an experience memorable for its audiences around the country.

In 2016, the Business Professionals of America celebrated their 50th Anniversary since the organization’s foundation. 50 years of molding young adults into the future business professionals of the world is an accomplishment that truly deserved to be recognized. Given the fortunate opportunity, Cybis integrated pre-production, identity development, script writing, lighting, audio, stage design, and post-production to capture all that BPA has accomplished and what it genuinely means to be part of the organization. In a unique, creative, and heartfelt effort to make the conference special for everyone in attendance, Cybis was able to create a moment for the audience to celebrate the remarkable opportunities that the Business Professionals of America has granted its members and the significant impact it has made on their lives.

Aside from focusing so much of the conference theme around the importance of the anniversary, the Cybis team utilized its creative expertise by kicking off the opening session with a pinnacle celebratory moment following the parade of flags. In a short video featuring the year’s national officer team, Cybis highlighted the Business Professionals of America’s greatest values and achievements on top of an inspirational soundtrack that not only moved the audience but also amplified their anticipation. With the combination of the officer team and representatives from all the states on stage, the finale of the video, timing of the on-screen image, and explosion of streamers and music, Cybis elegantly produced an impactful moment that engaged the audience and highlighted this significant milestone in the organization’s history.


Past, Present, Future

For 50 years Business Professionals of America has been preparing today’s students to become tomorrow’s business professionals. Every hour; every minute; every second advancing members closer to the next National Leadership Conference.

Merging the past, present and future, this promo video infuses the commemorative spirit of the 50th anniversary with the celebration of looking toward the future.

This is Business Professionals of America. This is the 50th anniversary. THIS IS OUR TIME!

Creative Fulfillment

Each fall, Cybis helps spread the word to hundreds of thousands of students across the United States that consider Business Professionals of America as the organization for them! In addition to designing a series of posters, postcards, and folders, we also manage all aspects of the fulfillment process- from printing to custom mailing to high schools across the nation.

Live from the Red Carpet

Cybis made its way to Anaheim, California to produce the BPA National Leadership Conference for over 6,000 attendees. Through graphics, lights, and decor, Cybis turned the “Shoot for Success” NLC into a dazzling red carpet event!

BPA members experienced the A-list treatment as they stepped into the spotlight and onto the red carpet, welcoming them to the Anaheim Convention Center in style. Featuring a live emcee and randomly-selected audience members, celebrity-style interviews were shown live on screen across the web.

This show was so rewarding to work on because we were able to bring the big Hollywood awards feel to thousands of deserving students; making them the star of their own show. You could see their excitement as they were walking down the red carpet. I think it is all about providing the audience the best experience in an event and it was great to be able to deliver that. -Chase Simonds, Cybis Associate Producer

Blueprint to Promotion

When it comes to promoting Business Professionals of America’s 2015 National Leadership Conference, we sought to showcase all the hardwork and dedication that students put into the organization, and where it can take them.

With BPA, if you dare to imagine and have the faith to believe, there is no limit to what you can become.

Customized Promo

What does it mean to be a member of one of the nation’s leading student organizations for future business leaders? Take closer look at this promotional video what we customized for every state!

Reach New Heights

To invite members to their National Leadership Conference, the Business Professionals of America teamed up with Cybis to create an action-packed teaser to promote their flagship event.

A Monumental Occasion

Cybis Communications and Business Professionals of America collaborated and made history while hosting the Opening General Session on the lawn of the Washington Monument! At our first-time outdoor event, Team Cybis exceeded the trials of unexpected weather conditions, while a little rain didn’t dampen the students’ spirits either.

Three separate venues, complete show management, audiovisual support, and a unique event brand design working cohesively together, ensured that the +5,000 attendees had the time of their lives at this conference.

Clayton Carter, Cybis’ Creative Director who just celebrated his 10 year anniversary with the company, constructed an intro video for this conference that really stood out from the rest! The combination of still images, video, and audio of some of the most pivotal speeches held in D.C. history, made this show opener one to remember.

“We were excited to provide the audience with a true taste of our nation’s capital by holding the Opening Session on the National Mall, enveloping the crowd with history and iconic D.C. landmarks.” -Chase Simonds, Associate Producer

This National Conference will definitely Stand Out for years to come and we are honored to be a part of something so “monumental.”