Senior Team Retreat

Cybis Communications
September 2013

Cybis held its first ever company retreat last week where the Senior Team gathered together for 3 days to outline the future of Cybis! Some childhood memories resurfaced when the team camped out at Camp Cedarkirk in Lithia, FL; but this was no place for childsplay!

The Senior Team got deep in discussing Cybis’ action plan for the next 2 years. Breaking down our mission statement, they established 7 core values for the company and developed goals to meet and execute these values. They also established individual goals for their role as a Senior Team member to focus on the bigger-picture of the company. So yeah, no picnic in the park.
Other focuses during the retreat were discussing the strengths of Team Cybis HQ members, wanting more collaboration/communication within our team, and there was a lot of talk about “Excellence.” Here at Cybis, we take pride in exceeding expectations in everything we do, and that includes excellence amongst our Team!

On behalf of all Team Cybis members, we just want to say thank you Senior Team for always putting in your best efforts for the sake of Cybis’ future!