Creating passionate and emotive motion graphics design, animation, live-action and print for advertising, broadcast, entertainment, and, of course, live events.

Brand Identity Design

An identity is the foundation upon which the entire spectrum of a marketing communications system is built. We know how important it is to create lasting impressions, especially when it comes to building logos and identities. Our experienced team of creative directors and designers will immerse themselves in your culture, message, or point-of-view when developing a unique and powerful identity for your brand or idea.

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Motion Graphics

You bring the story; we'll bring it to life. With cutting edge motion graphics, a simple message becomes a passionate rallying call, a heart-warming journey or a dramatic tour de force that ultimately inspires your audience, drives results and delivers return. Our team of storytellers combines youthful energy with experienced oversight to ensure that our current, artful designs are delivered on time, on-budget and on-message.

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Campaigns & Commercials

We know what it takes to produce strong advertising campaigns, commercials, and spots that rise above the clutter and commotion of the saturated world of television and on-screen advertising.

Cybis relies on impassioned and purposeful storytelling, complemented with rich, eye-catching design that communicates with consumers in ways that excite, inspire, and won't insult their intelligence.

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Opening Titles

Opening titles are an essential part of any story told on screen. They set the tone for the drama, romance, or swashbuckling tale that follows. It's like the cover of a good book - in a glance it has the power to draw you into the world about to unfold. The storytellers at Cybis Creative treat opening titles with the same care as we would a feature film.

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Broadcast Graphics

On-air design for live broadcast events is an entirely different animal than simple network show-packaging. Events like awards shows or short-run reality TV contests require graphics that are not only memorable and impressive, but also exist in hundreds of pieces, often in HD: default logos, bumpers, transitions, lower thirds, interstitials, intros and titles.

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Our knowledge of printing methods and materials, as well as our network of printers and vendors leaves us with virtually limitless possibilities for printed materials. Magazine ads, outdoor, event signage, posters, packaging, point-of-sale, books, publications, and mailings: we're ready to take our designs off the screen and put them on paper. (And vice-versa!)

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