Ask the Producer: Which element of a production contributes most to creating an experience?

Cybis Communications

A successful event requires a superb sound system that can entertain your audiences from “Doors Open” to close. —

Having the BEST sound system for your event will, without a doubt, make your audience feel connected, captivated, and engaged. A large audience should feel connected–equally–no matter where they are sitting in a space. With the proper audio arrangement, you can expect to reach and captivate each person for the duration of the event. Keeping people captivated keeps them engaged; an engaged audience will stay with you – for this event, and others in the future!

Cybis can provide superior sound for your event, no matter the size. Our audio equipment provides crystal clear, high quality sound so your guest speakers can be heard from every inch of the room. Our gear is also excellent for music because of our Yamaha QL1 Digital Mixer, an all-in-one mixing solution! This 32-channel digital mixer is great for mixing, processing, and routing audio – it provides stellar sound that we can run through our many different RCF Line Array Speakers or Subwoofer options. Our RCF Active Line Array Speakers can be hung from the ceilings, stacked upon one another, or even split in half to provide the best quality sound no matter the size of the space! Our RCF Active Line Array Speakers are designed with amplifiers built in, so you don’t have to worry about extra big and bulky equipment that takes up unnecessary space; all we have to do is run power straight to the speaker. With these features, our audio equipment can be completely catered to the needs of your event to give you the best quality sound! The best part about our audio package is that they it’s compact, convenient, and completely versatile.

Since we’ve rolled out our new audio system, many of our clients and attendees have complimented the superb sound we have brought to these events! We can provide the same high quality audio and MORE for any and all of your events when you plan in advance! Give us a call today to learn about all of our audio options. We want to help deliver the absolute best production possible! Book now with Cybis today to have all of your events sound great!

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