A Note from the Founder

Cybis Communications

Find something in life you love doing so much that you would do it for free —
but you do it so well you get paid for it.
- Byron Garrett

As CYBIS approaches 20 years, I am proud to say this “approach” has driven our company’s evolution. Look — I could never sing or dance, but I’ve long been passionate about inspiring people through the power of creative & staged productions. And the folks we’ve been privileged to produce for has been most gratifying – from hundreds of thousands of middle & high school leaders, to the President & First Lady.

Nobody really knows this, but since I was about six years old, I created game shows and talk shows for my family or (mostly) just in my head. I had a vivid imagination and always earned the highest ratings. My audience loved me! See, I love live events and since then, I’ve made my life out of it.

The past twenty years has been an exciting trek. Cybis began mostly because of college buddies seeking an outlet for our hobbies …. and yes, we were doing a lot “for free!” But, before long, the outcome of our pure passion started turning heads across the nation. We were designing graphics & stage sets, running cameras & live switchers, writing scripts & stage choreography, crafting soundtracks and animations, and ultimately packaging together something entertaining and motivating for our premier client—the audience. Every day yields new learning experiences, and the thrill of these challenges keeps us engaged and focused on doing our best. Since then, we’ve broken world records, been hosted in the White House, achieved industry innovations, and earned the spot as one of Orlando’s “coolest companies to work.” But for me, it’s about the millions of people who have seen our productions and the positive influence upon them.

The next ten years are bound to be the most exciting chapter for CYBIS and me; one where I recommit to my personal passions (backstage, or at last… onstage!) I’ve been so grateful to find something in life that makes me want to get up each morning to start on and then stay up all hours in the night to perfect. May everyone choose to pursue their passions!

I would love to hear from you about your passions, especially about the sacrifices and rewards you’ve experienced. Does your passion compete with your career or are they one and the same? Please email

I look forward to hearing from many of you!

-Jeff Douglass, Founder & CEO

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