Cybis Founder & CEO answers YOUR questions about all things related to event production!

“How can I host an event for my organization during the pandemic?”

Many event planners are now exploring virtual options because of COVID's effect on social gatherings. Cybis is adding our extra touch of professional production knowledge to make virtual events engaging and special for online audiences... read more.

PUBLISHED: July 8, 2020
“What are the highs and lows of live show productions?”

Frequencies! A successful event requires a superb sound system to effectively amplify the high, mid, and low frequencies to your audience... read more.

PUBLISHED: March 17, 2020
“As an event planner, what should I do today to increase attendee revenue?”

It’s so easy to commit all of one’s energy into an upcoming event production and forget about the NEXT one. Time after time, we hear: “now that this event is done, we can think about the next one.” Wrong! The time to think about your next recurring event is NOW, and one solution is the ThinkBackTM video! This can be a fun highlight reel or convey a serious message – either way, it is a powerful marketing tool that must be planned in advance... read more.

PUBLISHED: February 28, 2020
“How do you keep an audience engaged?”

Keeping an audience’s attention does not come automatically just because people showed up; nor does it have to be expensive... read more.

PUBLISHED: October 17, 2019
“How do I get involved in the live event production industry?”

While there are degree programs, industry conferences, webinars, books, etc., there’s another way to fast-track your way into a very exciting and rewarding field... read more.

PUBLISHED: September 26, 2019
“Should I just use the in-house AV company?”

Many hotels and venues have in-house AV companies. But using in-house AV is only an option and it could result in a generic event, less qualified show team, and inflated prices... read more.

PUBLISHED: August 29, 2019
“What is ‘Total Show Management’?”

Have you ever tried planning a live event and experienced the hassle of contacting one company for sound/lighting, another for graphics, another for videography, another for scripting or stage management, and so on until you feel like you need to quit your day job just to manage managing the event? Cybis’ Total Show Management allows you to keep your sanity and count on a stellar show... read more.

PUBLISHED: July 23, 2019
“When is the best time to book A/V?”

Did you know production companies like Cybis book events months and even several years in advance? Some planners are well aware of this but not everyone. There are many advantages shared by both the provider and the client with advance bookings. The reason is simple... read more.

PUBLISHED: January 11, 2019