img5 Teaser Commercial

Teaser Commercial

Energetic, short, and sweet: this fun 30-second teaser grabs audience’s attention for the launch of a new digital platform and leaves them wanting more.

  • Team Cybis is remarkable. You stay focused on the BIG picture, anticipate clients’ needs, and have a positive, problem-solving mindset. Bravo!
    -Connie Dieken, President,

    The Dieken Group

  • Without a doubt, it is always a pleasure to work with the Cybis team, and they always provide quality shows!! Each year, they integrate new technology, scripting, and design to keep the show cutting-edge for both high school students and our business partners. They never miss the mark!
    -Shanna LaMar, Executive Director,

    Washington DECA

  • I always look forward to being a part of a Cybis event because I know it will

    look and sound great!!! You can tell

    how much you guys love what you do!

    -Eddie Slowikowski,

    Motivational Speaker

  • Your entire staff went the extra mile to make sure it was all done right.

    THANK YOU for all you have done

    to make this a special day.

    -Sherry McGee, Senior VP Communications & Public Affairs,

    CNL Financial Group

  • I’d be remiss if I didn’t thank you for truly being the best team to work with. Your creativity and “can-do” attitude are astounding. You epitomize excellent customer service and in doing so make my job infinitely easier! I look forward to working with again and again!
    -Stacy Riley, Director, Investor

    Relations & Events, Orlando EDC

  • You guys are AWESOME!! I am so happy, you exceeded expectations. I look forward to our next project together.
    -Aric Bostick,

    Motivational Speaker
  • My words can’t do justice for Cybis’ performance – you just have to watch it! The bottom line is that Cybis delivers. Flawlessly.
    -Chris Young, High School Division Director, DECA, Inc.
  • With just over a week to air, Cybis created and delivered dynamic and custom content... transforming the screens into dynamic living environments! They were just

    terrific to work with.

    -Jane Mun, Supervising Producer,

    MTV Movie Awards

  • Jeff and Team Cybis are like extended family. From the major events for the White House that we’ve produced to youth and corporate events, Jeff always brings a creative value on time that brings magnificent results.
    -Ryan Underwood, President & CEO,

    TRI Leadership Resources


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